April 20, 2010

My Life...In Music again!

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted a music video but it's back! My video for today is a classic. I love it. I've always loved Janet Jackson, even as a kid. For some reason, I remember watching all her videos as a kid. Anyway, I love this song because it's very smooth, has a nice rhythm, and meaning. Not to mention, Janet sings like an angel. If only teens today could listen to it, and hear the words. I'm glad she made this video, as beautiful and as much of a sex symbol that she was back in the 80s, she also said it's ok to wait. So without further delay here is: Let's Wait a While - Janet Jackson

April 17, 2010

Guys are too high maintenance these days!!

So, I've realized the problem! Doing some "research" I've found that guys are TOO high maintenance. What does that mean? They're worried about shoes, clothes, jewelry, hats, etc. and thinking that they're above every other guy. OMG that is so annoying! It's not attractive to me.

I don't care if you wear Jordan's or Adidas, I don't care if you're wearing Taylor Gang or Rocawear, I don't care if you have an iPhone or a Nokia! Some dudes take more pictures than girls and have more clothes and shoes than a girl. That's sickening. Maybe it's because I'm not a high maintenance girl, I'm not even a girly girl and having a guy that's not on the same level as me, would be called a disaster!

Here's what I want: A simple guy (Maybe a country boy), I don't care about name brands, I don't care if your car is not sitting on some rims, I don't care if your car was not made in this decade (Lol), and I don't care if you can rap the whole Carter III album (Actually, I prefer if they don't). I don't particularly care for material things in a significant other. Flashy things don't excite me. Just have something going for yourself. Want to know what excites me?

What excites Nicollette: HONESTY, FAITHFULNESS, HUMOR, EMPLOYMENT, level headed, talkativeness, intelligence, open mindedness, goal-oriented, hard worker, not afraid to get his hands (or shoes/clothes) dirty, strong minded, determined, and common sense.

See all those things, they don't involve spending any amount of money (unless you need some personality counseling). Dress nice and up to date, but please do not have more shoes than me. Some guys are just like that, and I understand but alot of guys do it to impress girls. It's the same thing when guys meet a girl and she's all pretty and stuff. And then a couple months later, she takes off the makeup, weave, nails, and contacts and you're like WTF happened to my girl?

We want you to be real and honest. This means we want you to be real with yourself, and all the rest will follow in place. Don't come to me and say "I got this...This...This...That..." come to me and say "Well, I don't have alot of things, but I'm honest, caring, smart and I am working to get this...that...this...". We don't want your material things (Unless she's a gold digger, or she's really shallow) we want YOU.

I've seen some guys try to impress me with material things. As long as you can clean up really nice when it's time, I don't care about all those unnecessary things that hold such little true value.

*sighs* I need an artist...Guys that are artists are so open minded and just free.

April 12, 2010

My Life...In Venting!!!

Ok, so I promised myself that I'd be totally honest with this blog and I'm keeping my promise so here it goes.

I'm really upset, angry, pissed, and just mad because of one particular thing. I know there are more important things in life that I should worry about but I've been dealing with this for 18 years and 10 months of my life!

The saying goes: "There's someone for everyone" which is true but there's NO ONE for me! There's someone for everyone but me! It's so sickening and it just make me mad. Maybe I have pushed away a couple of relationships, MAYBE, but still. I keep trying to justify being single since forever but I can't. People say you have to go through a few bad frogs before finding your prince, but I haven't been through any frogs! I hope I don't have to go through heart break and maybe I'll be blessed enough to find my prince in one shot.

I also know that it's God's will. I'm sure whatever or whoever he has in store for me is what's best. I just need a sign that there is really someone in store for me...This guy must be just like me because he's super late (I'm never on time for anything) and I'm patiently waiting. Maybe there is no one out there, just maybe I'm meant to be single forever. Maybe God wants me to become a nun, maybe. Maybe he wants me to be a dominant female figure that doesn't need a man, maybe. UGHHHHH. Maybe I should just focus on my life, school, my family, and work and worry about a relationship later, maybe yes.

The weird thing about this is, I'm scared. I'm scared of a relationship. Will I be interesting enough? Funny enough? Smart enough? Attractive enough? Talkative enough? I'm scared of all of this, I'm definitely going to be myself, I'm not changing in order to not be single. That's just crazy, too many girls do that and once they'e too far in, there's no turning back.

Maybe it's simply because I'm not ready...I just don't know. I should work on myself before anything else. Then there are people just like me and still have a significant other. SMH...I'm lost. They say when you least expect it, that's when it comes, well I'm easily surprised and at this point I'm not expecting anything. So, come on lover, wherever you are. I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready (In Spongebob's voice). I'm going to stop thinking about it, and live for the moment.

*Sighs* If he doesn't show up by this week and if there isn't at least a sign that he's out there, I'm so becoming a nun.

April 11, 2010

My Life...In Music Video!

Good morning! It's pretty early and since I didn't post until late yesterday, I figured I'd get an early start for today. So, I was just laying here in bed, thinking and thinking about my life in general and I had an epiphany! I thought about this song I used to love back in middle school. I don't remember if it came out during my 6th or 7th grade year, maybe even 8th. I'm thinking it was 7th because I had a huge crush on someone. I don't know, it was something about him that just pressed a nerve in my heart and at that moment I was in love Lol. Seventh grade I had the biggest crush on ___________ _____________. Lol...It was something about his style, the way he looked at me, the way he presented himself, it was all unique and different. I didn't even notice him at first. It was like the guy that sat in back of class and slept all the time, with the dark and light blue Phat Farm (Or Rocawear?) sweater, and small 'fro. As a 12 year old, I was like completely in love Lol! I guess he could be considered my first love, even though it wasn't officially mutual. I loved this song because I declared: If I couldn't have him, I'd be single for the rest of my life. Drastic, I know. I still don't have him (I don't want him, just saying), and I'm still single but that's another topic for another blog. So here's your feature presentation: Isyss - Single for the Rest of My Life

My Life...In "Being a Girl Means More Than Having a Period"

Ok, so recently I posted this status saying that girls are dumb and stupid. I don't apologize for that, because it's 100% true! It's so annoying that females are so stupid when it comes to relationships. Seriously, alot of girls drop their panties in the sight of the same sex. I understand that alot of girls don't have the mindset that I do but it seems that alot of girls aren't even trying to better themselves. You tell them something to help them, they turn around and say you're jealous or something stupid. Sadly, it can take months and sometimes years for women to gain some common sense.

-If you see that your guy isn't showing as much love to you as you're showing love to him. Nix him. I mean, I know that guys aren't as loving and emotional as girls are but still.

-Stop saying "That's my boyfriend" "I miss my boyfriend" "I love you John Doe!!!". That is more than annoying! It's nice to show love, but not overly. Do you really have to announce to the world that you're that much in love? And is he doing the same?

-It's not about playing hard to get, it's about play like you have some damn sense. Don't do things just because he will like it or because he wants you to do it. Be yourself. I can't stress that part enough.

-NEVER LET A BOY HIT YOU. I purposely used "boy" because no man would hit a female. Putting his hands on you is the ultimate form of disrespect. If he hits you he doesn't love you. TRUST ME! Women die from domestic abuse...You don't want to be another statistic. Forget the apologies, and "I'm going to change" speech. It ain't happening!

-If you catch your man, YOUR MAN, YOUR MAN cheating don't confront HIS MISTRESS. Confront YOUR MAN! It's not this girls fault even if she did know he was in a relationship (Alot of the time, they don't know that they're in a relationship). You put your trust in that man not that chick who he cheated with. You're in love with your man, not the girl. He has a mind of his own, and even if she seduced him, it's still his fault for cheating. If you really have good will power, just leave him and his cheating chick together. Move on.

-Stop fighting over your man. It's stupid, and makes you look stupid. If you have to physically fight for him, it's not worth it. If he wants to be with you, he'll be with YOU. Point blank.

-Quit acting like a puppy when he's around. It only makes you seem weak. He'll take advantage of you and it just goes downhill from there. BE YOURSELF. I know too many smart girls, who's brain turned to goo when they see their boyfriend or even a random guy. They follow them around and hang on their arm for no reason.

-If it dresses like a ho, walks like ho, then it's probably a ho. Basically, stop dressing like a ho. Alot of nice girls who aren't whores dress like whores. Although you may not be a ho, guys perceive you to be this way. You don't attract nice guys when you look like that. You don't have to dress like a ho to look cute. Look cute not trashy. By trashy I mean holes in your shirt that show breasts, belly button, nipples, etc. Cootie cutters and super short skirts are a no-no. Shirts that barely cover your breasts, etc...Things like that. Show a little, leave a little mystery and let them wonder.

That's all I have for now :)

April 9, 2010

My Life...In Leaving the Bird's Nest

Leaving the Bird's Nest is a big event in everyone's life. It's leaving the place that you grew up, the place that you're familiar with, and leaving the people you love to be on your own. Usually this takes place between ages 17-21 and it's a huge transition, especially if you've been with your parents your entire life. I haven't experienced this change yet, but in the near future, I think it's possible. I've kind of decided to attend Southeastern Louisiana University in the Fall of 2010. I'm still not completely sure if it'll all fall into place. Anyway, here's a short story about what I think it will be like. Realistic Fiction, but anticipated non-fiction.

The sound of my alarm clocked buzzed me back into the reality of the world. The sun illuminated my spotless room, and the birds chirped happily. It was 8:00 AM, and I was still tired. For the past couple weeks, I'd been practicing how to wake up on my own. Usually, my mom, dad or brother would wake me in the mornings but in a couple days this would all change. I sat up in the bed just looking around my room. First of all, it hadn't been this clean in a while. Secondly, this room would only be a memory until the weekends when I return home. I stood up and did my routine stretch, my bones cracked like 60 year old, but it didn't bother me. Walking to the bathroom, I saw all the bags I'd packed the previous night. I remember feeling as though I was packing to go to war in Afghanistan. Although I was smiling and happy on the outside, I already felt empty and lonely on the inside. I wanted to cry, I wanted to not go, but as my mom always said "You have to do what you have to do" and I had to do this.

Everyone else in the house was already awake. My mom, who'd been worried since the day I announced I was transferring to SELU, was sitting in her bed with a little reassuring smile. She didn't want me to go but she wanted what I thought was best for me. I could already see the tears forming in her eyes as she looked at me, her baby, getting ready to leave the nest. My dad, who rarely worries or shows emotions was in bed, half asleep, wrapped up like a pig in a blanket. My brother is the same, and hardly showed emotions, but he too seemed worried. I talked with my mom for several minutes, just savoring this conversation with my mom, since I would be talking to her through the phone for most of week. My dad finally rose out of bed and it was time for us to begin the journey.

After we all got dressed, my dad and brother helped me put all my things in my car and loaded the big things into my mom's SUV. After making a few goodbye calls, I was on the road. My brother rode along with me, and my parents followed behind me as we took the 45 minute trip to Hammond, La. The trip seemed longer than it actually was. I realized then, that my parents would no longer be following me anymore, and my brother wouldn't be in the passengers seat. I wanted to cry but I couldn't show such negative emotions. My mom would've instantly took me in her arms and just let me come back home. I smiled at my brother and wiped my eyes secretly as we arrived in Hammond.

It took us a while to find my dorm, but eventually we did. I opted to not have a roomate and just fly solo. Afterall, I'd heard too many bad roomate stories and I didn't want to add another one to the pot. We all got out, each of us carrying some of my things, and walked to my room. It was small yet cozy. It was my own for the school year. We started to put things in place, my mom put up some of my favorite pictures, and my brother helped me make up my bed as my dad hooked up my TV. They stayed there for hours, just to make sure I was comfortable. The sun began to set and my dad announced that they should get going before it gets dark. Again, I wanted to cry, I wanted to bawl and beg them not to leave me, but I had to let go as they had to let go of me. My mom started to cry as she hugged me and I couldn't hold back my tears as I held her. I was going to miss her like crazy. Peeking over her shoulder my dad and brother too were getting teary eyed. I let go of my mom and hugged my dad and brother, it was finally time to say goodbye. I waved goodbye to them and hugged my mom one quick time. I knew I would be on the road again Friday, headed back home but it all seemed so permanent.

After they left I sat on the bed, and fooled around with my laptop. I cried a little more feeling lonely, until the girl who I shared a bathroom with came over to introduce herself. We talked for a while, and I found out it was her first time leaving home too. Just being able to relate to her made me feel better and I knew that I would be ok. I called my mom before going to sleep and she talked about everything that happened since I'd left only a few hours ago. It was after 11:00 PM when we got off the phone simply ending the call with "I love you" made everything seem to fall into place. I knew that even though we were miles away, I still had my mom anytime I needed her.

The end :)

My Life...In Music Videos

Wow, I used to love this song when it came out. I loved Ashanti and I wish she'd come out with some good new stuff. Anyway, when the song came out I think I was in middle school and I really didn't fully understand the message in the song. This song is very true even to this day. Women toletate physical, verbal and mental abuse from their husbands/boyfriends, cheating, and them not contributing anything to the relationship all the time. It's another social epidemic. So many women don't understand that abusive and unfaithful men do not love them. Everytime they get the courage and strength to leave, this so called loving man will come back and sweet talk her making her believe that things are going to change. Of course, they will change for a couple weeks, if that long, and things will be back the same. A man that loves you wouldn't hurt you in anyway. It's so heartbreaking that hundreds of women die every year at the hands of an abusive man that they were in love with. Us women are too full of beauty and worth to let a man put his hands on us. And if this so called man is not putting anything into the relationship, he's not a man. A man provides for his family, and put his family before anyone else. A woman needs a man, not a boy. Also, if he truly loves you and respects you he would give up whatever hurts you. Last but not least, it is not only the man's fault for being a cheater, liar, and abuser. It's also the woman's fault for allowing him to do so. There are plenty of fish in the sea, don't allow the negativity into your life. You don't need a man in your life always. Get some friends, or a dog, enjoy being alone sometimes. If you can't be alone, how can you have a partner? God created the woman from the rib (or side) of the man so they could be equals. Nothing more or nothing less. Before going out and looking for a man, get your mindset straight, be picky, it'll be worth it. So, here's my music video pick for the day: Foolish - Ashanti. Enjoy :)

April 8, 2010

My Life...In Relationships *cringe*

I've been in a lot of relationships. I consider a friendship a relationship because you're relating to someone in a way that friends relate, if that makes sense. Although I haven't been in many close, personal relationships I believe I am quite educated on the dating game because I've seen lots of them come and go. There's this one particular relationship that's been bothering me for a while now. It ended due to my stupidity and temporary shallowness. I would love to apologize to this person in person, but for now I'll just blog about it, to get it off my chest for a while.

He was an all around great person. He was smart, talented, talkative, funny and just a nice guy. I met him through a friend who was quite popular with the opposite sex. After a couple weeks we were friends and talked quite a bit. At school and on the net. It was a fun friendship, to say the least. Secretly, when I originally met him I had a huge crush on him. After we became friends I let those feelings subside so we could just be friends. Months passed by and we became closer, and our conversations became more in-depth, which made my prior feelings resurface. I liked him and I wanted him to know. I was debating for weeks whether or not to tell him even though he was totally into someone else. So, one day after school we were talking and the wind was blowing so lightly, the sun shining brightly, and the birds chirping cheerily, it was the perfect day. He came over standing close to me talking about something I can't remember. Then all of a sudden it happened...

I smelled something foul, and gross. One of my biggest turn offs is bad breath and oh my gosh did he have it. I tried to hold my breath but he was so close to me I couldn't ignore it. I was so mad because besides his breath he was pretty much perfect. The next day came around and I couldn't take it. I was just annoyed with trying to avoid his breath (And he talked a lot!!) and everything. So, I started to become very rude, I'd stop talking to him and told him to leave me alone and get away from me.

God, I feel so bad about that. I should have never said those things and been that rude. After I did it, I regretted it and wanted to apologize but still I couldn't I was too ashamed. I didn't see him for a while and the next school year was so awkward. I'd see him and he just wouldn't say anything to me after we had shared so much. I deserved it and I know I did but all in all I still missed him and our conversations.

Nowadays, he's completely changed it seems for the worse. He looks better, but I can't help but think if he changed because of me. Did I bring on this change? Besides his breath, nothing was wrong with him and then he just starts to change. I don't know...I just feel responsible for it. Maybe after me being such a B-word towards him he felt insecure and mad him want to re-evaluate himself. I hope not.

Really, I want to apologize to him. For making him feel bad, and just for being so rude, mean, and shallow. I don't know if he even thinks or cares about this but I just feel the need to apologize. I think about it quite frequently and makes me sad. He's a great person and a really great guy who deserves a good person in his life. Hopefully, he realizes that his old personality was better than his new personality. I also hope that one day we could be friends again or even civil.

Thanks guys for reading. I'd appreciate if you'd not ask me to mention names. If he reads this, he should know that it's him I'm speaking of. If you're not sure (lol) please message me via Facebook and I'll let you know :)

April 7, 2010

My Life...In a World Full of Barbies

*Click picture to access my Facebook page*

On first glance, this picture is hilarious. A man trying so hard to be something he's not. But this is only the beginning. Most [black] females, and obviously some males too, are jumping on this Barbie Bandwagon. It's really an epidemic, spreading through the black community like the Swine Flu. Infecting everyone from 40 year old mothers to little girls with barrettes and ponytails. This is an epidemic that has not just begun.

It all started in 1959 when Barbara Millicent Roberts (Shortened to Barbie) was created. Almost every little girl who owned a Barbie doll wanted to be just like her and aspired to have a huge dream home and a shiny pink Corvette. That is, until reality set in. The little girl who once idolized Barbie began to mature into an older, wiser, woman of reality. Nowadays, it seems that there's an error in this growing up process. Alot of us are still stuck in our childhood days, where imagination is key. Not only does this directly effect this Barbie craze, it effects everyday life. Too many people are living beyond their means, and living in this perfect fantasy world without facing the reality of it all.

Barbie is one of the most popular toys of all times. Over the decades, there have been hundreds of different types of Barbies produced including Malibu Barbie, Doctor Barbie, Veterenarian Barbie, Holiday Barbie, etc. I would love to have her resume. In everything that Barbie tried her hand at, she was perfect. I'm sure if there was a Janitor Barbie she'd still manage to make it look glamorous. She's an image of perfection and flawlessness which could be a reason why so many people are self acclaimed Barbies.

In my opinion, I hate this whole Barbie fiasco. Barbie was and will always be plastic. We are all humans, and there is not one perfect human. Instead of wanting to be a Baribe why can't we [Us black females] strive to be a Michelle Obama, Mae Jemison, Barbara Waters, Lena Horne, Oprah Winfrey, Shirley Chisolm, Angela Davis, etc. These are real role models who actually stand for something, not just looking pretty and having lots of material things. There's nothing cute about being a Barbie. As I said on my Facebook status a couple weeks ago: I hate when girls (& maybe some guys too) call themselves Barbie. Esp. Black Barbie because she was only the white Barbie's flunkie...So she wouldn't seem racist and Ken always wanted to try a black chick. If you want to be plastic, fake, and have a brain full of air then more power to becoming a Barbie. Lastly, Barbie only gets played with when someone's bored, after that on to the next one (aka the Bratz doll).

In closing, I would like to leave this picture that I enjoy. It really shows the Barbie epidemic that's plaguing our black female population. Please, let's just end it.


April 6, 2010

My Life...In highschool

Sitting here on Facebook and for some reason I thought about high school. High school was an emotional rollercoaster for me. There were lots of downs but there were a few great memories as well, that taught me about life and the many aspects of it. One just kind of stands out at the moment and I think it's cute. So, here it goes! This is a true story by the way.

It was 2:30 PM and the dismissal bell had just rang. I stood in the long line on the backway stairs trying to make it to my bus as quickly as possible. It was always pretty tough to get down the main stairs so I always took the backstairs because it seemed easier and less crowded. But today, for some reason it was more backed up than usual. After finally getting outside I realized why. There was pizza! After school there was pizza sold as a concession. For the past couple weeks the pizza wasn't available for unknown reasons but now it was back and there were at least 2 dozen boxes of pizza hot and fresh. Usually, if I wasn't on the bus within 10 minutes after the bell rang, I wouldn't get my usual seat on the bus, but this time was an exception! Pizza for crying out loud! The line was long but it was moving pretty quick. I finally got to the front of the line and ordered 2 slices of my favorite sausage pizza. Having my pizza in hand, I couldn't wait to take a bite but I heard the buses beginning to start up. My bus was usually the first bus in line, so I literally had to jog to it. It was 2:45 and the bus was packed! My seat was filled and there was hardly anywhere to sit. I squeezed through the narrow, crowded aisle making my way to the back of the bus eventually finding an empty spot next to a stranger, who I'd never even seen before. I wasn't very happy about the crowded bus or the fact that I didn't have my regular seat. The time flew by quickly and it was around 3:10 when the person sitting next to me got off at her stop. The bus was nearly empty except for about 5 or 6 people scattered throughout the bus, most of them upperclassmen. Being a freshman, I never really associated with the upperclassmen and I'm sure being pretty shy at the time had something to do with it. All of them seemed to be friends and they talked casually as the bus continued to roll. I knew it would be at least 10 minutes before I arrived at my stop so I pulled out my book starting to read. After a few minutes, I looked around making sure my timing was pretty accurate. To my surprise, there was someone looking at me. I'd seen him on the bus and around school but I never really gave him much thought. Seeing him stare at me only made me want to crawl under a rock and hide. After a quick mini-stare back, I had to look away out of the window. I felt more nervous than ever and I couldn't wait until the bus came to my stop. But then again he would notice me standing up and stare at me more. I even thought about sitting there and pretending that I was going to another stop. But that would've been stupid I thought. Finally the bus pulled up to my stop and I grabbed my bag and book standing up and heading down the aisle to the door passing him up. Looking at him closer, I did realize that he was pretty cute but I couldn't figure out why he looked at me the way he did. It was captivating, intriguing, and just different from anything I had experienced. After that day I rode the bus a couple more times but then opted out and instead I joined the car poolers. I looked around school for him and at the time I thought how exciting it was that his first class was across from mine (I was 14-ish give me a break). I never actually spoke to the guy but I think it was a fun unspoken experience. All in all, I realized that the eyes never lie, with just a look you can understand someone's feelings and they don't have to say one word.

April 5, 2010

Music Monday!!

As promised it's My Life...In Music Monday! My first video is going to be a song that has goten me through a world wind of things. The video still makes me cry but the song is so meaningful. It's for anyone that's ever had problems with confidence, self esteem, acceptance, love, and support. So, it's basically for everyone. I love the video because it has a variety of stories that alot of people can relate to, even myself. No matter what alot of Christians think Kirk Franklin really says alot with his music. I love this song and video, it's genius and it sends a message. It helps you to think about God even in your darkest hour. So here's my music pick of the day: Imagine Me by Kirk Franklin. Enjoy!

Real Introduction...In Blog

Good morning people! :D

It's 5 AM and I'm wide awake! Anyway, this is my true introduction! The start of something new! I'm excited about this blog. I think I really need one at this point in my life. I have so many thoughts running through my head on a daily basis that I think alot of people can and will relate to.

My Life...In Blog is pretty self explanatory. It's an in-depth, personal, therapeutic thing for me to post. I decided to start this blog when I realized I had so much to say and not enough time to say it and sometimes not enough courage to say it out loud. I've always been a memoir kind of person. I started a journal when I was about 8 years old, although it wasn't consistant, it was definitely a release for me. Writing is my form of expression as an artist expresses himself on a canvas. I hope to move the world one day with only a pen and paper. Writing is my life.

The purpose of this blog is mainly just fun and entertainment. To let you into my world on a daily basis. My life isn't that interesting, or interesting at all but there will be more things here than me talking about myself.

I've actually came up with a schedule of things to post on certain days. I'm not an organized person so they definitely aren't set in stone. I don't keep routines well, Lol. You're going to see all of these on various days, but I'm hoping by organizing it, it'll make it easier for me to post everyday. So here it goes:

Mondays - My Life...In Music (This will consist of music videos that I love and songs that I've loved over the years. I love music and I have such a variety of genres that I love so there won't be just one style of music here.)

Tuesdays - My Life...In freelance (This is just free falling. Nothing specific here.)

Wednesdays - My Life...Giving Advice (These are my days to answer advice questions and any other questions I've been asked through the day, on the net, etc. Basically, it's Question Day!)

Thursdays - My Life...In Freelance (Thursdays are generally busy for me, so I know I won't post alot. It's a free day!)

Friday - My Life...In Words (A great way to end my week, The title is as fits. My life in words. It'll be my deep thoughts over the years. Not just what I'm feeling at the moment.)

Saturday & Sunday - OFF! (Of course, I may post something but it won't be much. I may save these two dates for short stories! Ooooh)

That's the tentative schedule. How well I follow it is still a mystery.

Lastly, I would like you reading this to add my Facebook account. It is THE best way to get in touch with me if needed. Here's the link: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/profile.php?id=100000174037279

Tester/Intro...In Blog

Hello. This is a tester...I just want to see the layout and stuff. Not an official first post but maybe in a few hours or days.

Lots o' love.