April 17, 2010

Guys are too high maintenance these days!!

So, I've realized the problem! Doing some "research" I've found that guys are TOO high maintenance. What does that mean? They're worried about shoes, clothes, jewelry, hats, etc. and thinking that they're above every other guy. OMG that is so annoying! It's not attractive to me.

I don't care if you wear Jordan's or Adidas, I don't care if you're wearing Taylor Gang or Rocawear, I don't care if you have an iPhone or a Nokia! Some dudes take more pictures than girls and have more clothes and shoes than a girl. That's sickening. Maybe it's because I'm not a high maintenance girl, I'm not even a girly girl and having a guy that's not on the same level as me, would be called a disaster!

Here's what I want: A simple guy (Maybe a country boy), I don't care about name brands, I don't care if your car is not sitting on some rims, I don't care if your car was not made in this decade (Lol), and I don't care if you can rap the whole Carter III album (Actually, I prefer if they don't). I don't particularly care for material things in a significant other. Flashy things don't excite me. Just have something going for yourself. Want to know what excites me?

What excites Nicollette: HONESTY, FAITHFULNESS, HUMOR, EMPLOYMENT, level headed, talkativeness, intelligence, open mindedness, goal-oriented, hard worker, not afraid to get his hands (or shoes/clothes) dirty, strong minded, determined, and common sense.

See all those things, they don't involve spending any amount of money (unless you need some personality counseling). Dress nice and up to date, but please do not have more shoes than me. Some guys are just like that, and I understand but alot of guys do it to impress girls. It's the same thing when guys meet a girl and she's all pretty and stuff. And then a couple months later, she takes off the makeup, weave, nails, and contacts and you're like WTF happened to my girl?

We want you to be real and honest. This means we want you to be real with yourself, and all the rest will follow in place. Don't come to me and say "I got this...This...This...That..." come to me and say "Well, I don't have alot of things, but I'm honest, caring, smart and I am working to get this...that...this...". We don't want your material things (Unless she's a gold digger, or she's really shallow) we want YOU.

I've seen some guys try to impress me with material things. As long as you can clean up really nice when it's time, I don't care about all those unnecessary things that hold such little true value.

*sighs* I need an artist...Guys that are artists are so open minded and just free.


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