April 11, 2010

My Life...In "Being a Girl Means More Than Having a Period"

Ok, so recently I posted this status saying that girls are dumb and stupid. I don't apologize for that, because it's 100% true! It's so annoying that females are so stupid when it comes to relationships. Seriously, alot of girls drop their panties in the sight of the same sex. I understand that alot of girls don't have the mindset that I do but it seems that alot of girls aren't even trying to better themselves. You tell them something to help them, they turn around and say you're jealous or something stupid. Sadly, it can take months and sometimes years for women to gain some common sense.

-If you see that your guy isn't showing as much love to you as you're showing love to him. Nix him. I mean, I know that guys aren't as loving and emotional as girls are but still.

-Stop saying "That's my boyfriend" "I miss my boyfriend" "I love you John Doe!!!". That is more than annoying! It's nice to show love, but not overly. Do you really have to announce to the world that you're that much in love? And is he doing the same?

-It's not about playing hard to get, it's about play like you have some damn sense. Don't do things just because he will like it or because he wants you to do it. Be yourself. I can't stress that part enough.

-NEVER LET A BOY HIT YOU. I purposely used "boy" because no man would hit a female. Putting his hands on you is the ultimate form of disrespect. If he hits you he doesn't love you. TRUST ME! Women die from domestic abuse...You don't want to be another statistic. Forget the apologies, and "I'm going to change" speech. It ain't happening!

-If you catch your man, YOUR MAN, YOUR MAN cheating don't confront HIS MISTRESS. Confront YOUR MAN! It's not this girls fault even if she did know he was in a relationship (Alot of the time, they don't know that they're in a relationship). You put your trust in that man not that chick who he cheated with. You're in love with your man, not the girl. He has a mind of his own, and even if she seduced him, it's still his fault for cheating. If you really have good will power, just leave him and his cheating chick together. Move on.

-Stop fighting over your man. It's stupid, and makes you look stupid. If you have to physically fight for him, it's not worth it. If he wants to be with you, he'll be with YOU. Point blank.

-Quit acting like a puppy when he's around. It only makes you seem weak. He'll take advantage of you and it just goes downhill from there. BE YOURSELF. I know too many smart girls, who's brain turned to goo when they see their boyfriend or even a random guy. They follow them around and hang on their arm for no reason.

-If it dresses like a ho, walks like ho, then it's probably a ho. Basically, stop dressing like a ho. Alot of nice girls who aren't whores dress like whores. Although you may not be a ho, guys perceive you to be this way. You don't attract nice guys when you look like that. You don't have to dress like a ho to look cute. Look cute not trashy. By trashy I mean holes in your shirt that show breasts, belly button, nipples, etc. Cootie cutters and super short skirts are a no-no. Shirts that barely cover your breasts, etc...Things like that. Show a little, leave a little mystery and let them wonder.

That's all I have for now :)


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