April 9, 2010

My Life...In Leaving the Bird's Nest

Leaving the Bird's Nest is a big event in everyone's life. It's leaving the place that you grew up, the place that you're familiar with, and leaving the people you love to be on your own. Usually this takes place between ages 17-21 and it's a huge transition, especially if you've been with your parents your entire life. I haven't experienced this change yet, but in the near future, I think it's possible. I've kind of decided to attend Southeastern Louisiana University in the Fall of 2010. I'm still not completely sure if it'll all fall into place. Anyway, here's a short story about what I think it will be like. Realistic Fiction, but anticipated non-fiction.

The sound of my alarm clocked buzzed me back into the reality of the world. The sun illuminated my spotless room, and the birds chirped happily. It was 8:00 AM, and I was still tired. For the past couple weeks, I'd been practicing how to wake up on my own. Usually, my mom, dad or brother would wake me in the mornings but in a couple days this would all change. I sat up in the bed just looking around my room. First of all, it hadn't been this clean in a while. Secondly, this room would only be a memory until the weekends when I return home. I stood up and did my routine stretch, my bones cracked like 60 year old, but it didn't bother me. Walking to the bathroom, I saw all the bags I'd packed the previous night. I remember feeling as though I was packing to go to war in Afghanistan. Although I was smiling and happy on the outside, I already felt empty and lonely on the inside. I wanted to cry, I wanted to not go, but as my mom always said "You have to do what you have to do" and I had to do this.

Everyone else in the house was already awake. My mom, who'd been worried since the day I announced I was transferring to SELU, was sitting in her bed with a little reassuring smile. She didn't want me to go but she wanted what I thought was best for me. I could already see the tears forming in her eyes as she looked at me, her baby, getting ready to leave the nest. My dad, who rarely worries or shows emotions was in bed, half asleep, wrapped up like a pig in a blanket. My brother is the same, and hardly showed emotions, but he too seemed worried. I talked with my mom for several minutes, just savoring this conversation with my mom, since I would be talking to her through the phone for most of week. My dad finally rose out of bed and it was time for us to begin the journey.

After we all got dressed, my dad and brother helped me put all my things in my car and loaded the big things into my mom's SUV. After making a few goodbye calls, I was on the road. My brother rode along with me, and my parents followed behind me as we took the 45 minute trip to Hammond, La. The trip seemed longer than it actually was. I realized then, that my parents would no longer be following me anymore, and my brother wouldn't be in the passengers seat. I wanted to cry but I couldn't show such negative emotions. My mom would've instantly took me in her arms and just let me come back home. I smiled at my brother and wiped my eyes secretly as we arrived in Hammond.

It took us a while to find my dorm, but eventually we did. I opted to not have a roomate and just fly solo. Afterall, I'd heard too many bad roomate stories and I didn't want to add another one to the pot. We all got out, each of us carrying some of my things, and walked to my room. It was small yet cozy. It was my own for the school year. We started to put things in place, my mom put up some of my favorite pictures, and my brother helped me make up my bed as my dad hooked up my TV. They stayed there for hours, just to make sure I was comfortable. The sun began to set and my dad announced that they should get going before it gets dark. Again, I wanted to cry, I wanted to bawl and beg them not to leave me, but I had to let go as they had to let go of me. My mom started to cry as she hugged me and I couldn't hold back my tears as I held her. I was going to miss her like crazy. Peeking over her shoulder my dad and brother too were getting teary eyed. I let go of my mom and hugged my dad and brother, it was finally time to say goodbye. I waved goodbye to them and hugged my mom one quick time. I knew I would be on the road again Friday, headed back home but it all seemed so permanent.

After they left I sat on the bed, and fooled around with my laptop. I cried a little more feeling lonely, until the girl who I shared a bathroom with came over to introduce herself. We talked for a while, and I found out it was her first time leaving home too. Just being able to relate to her made me feel better and I knew that I would be ok. I called my mom before going to sleep and she talked about everything that happened since I'd left only a few hours ago. It was after 11:00 PM when we got off the phone simply ending the call with "I love you" made everything seem to fall into place. I knew that even though we were miles away, I still had my mom anytime I needed her.

The end :)


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