April 9, 2010

My Life...In Music Videos

Wow, I used to love this song when it came out. I loved Ashanti and I wish she'd come out with some good new stuff. Anyway, when the song came out I think I was in middle school and I really didn't fully understand the message in the song. This song is very true even to this day. Women toletate physical, verbal and mental abuse from their husbands/boyfriends, cheating, and them not contributing anything to the relationship all the time. It's another social epidemic. So many women don't understand that abusive and unfaithful men do not love them. Everytime they get the courage and strength to leave, this so called loving man will come back and sweet talk her making her believe that things are going to change. Of course, they will change for a couple weeks, if that long, and things will be back the same. A man that loves you wouldn't hurt you in anyway. It's so heartbreaking that hundreds of women die every year at the hands of an abusive man that they were in love with. Us women are too full of beauty and worth to let a man put his hands on us. And if this so called man is not putting anything into the relationship, he's not a man. A man provides for his family, and put his family before anyone else. A woman needs a man, not a boy. Also, if he truly loves you and respects you he would give up whatever hurts you. Last but not least, it is not only the man's fault for being a cheater, liar, and abuser. It's also the woman's fault for allowing him to do so. There are plenty of fish in the sea, don't allow the negativity into your life. You don't need a man in your life always. Get some friends, or a dog, enjoy being alone sometimes. If you can't be alone, how can you have a partner? God created the woman from the rib (or side) of the man so they could be equals. Nothing more or nothing less. Before going out and looking for a man, get your mindset straight, be picky, it'll be worth it. So, here's my music video pick for the day: Foolish - Ashanti. Enjoy :)


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