April 7, 2010

My Life...In a World Full of Barbies

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On first glance, this picture is hilarious. A man trying so hard to be something he's not. But this is only the beginning. Most [black] females, and obviously some males too, are jumping on this Barbie Bandwagon. It's really an epidemic, spreading through the black community like the Swine Flu. Infecting everyone from 40 year old mothers to little girls with barrettes and ponytails. This is an epidemic that has not just begun.

It all started in 1959 when Barbara Millicent Roberts (Shortened to Barbie) was created. Almost every little girl who owned a Barbie doll wanted to be just like her and aspired to have a huge dream home and a shiny pink Corvette. That is, until reality set in. The little girl who once idolized Barbie began to mature into an older, wiser, woman of reality. Nowadays, it seems that there's an error in this growing up process. Alot of us are still stuck in our childhood days, where imagination is key. Not only does this directly effect this Barbie craze, it effects everyday life. Too many people are living beyond their means, and living in this perfect fantasy world without facing the reality of it all.

Barbie is one of the most popular toys of all times. Over the decades, there have been hundreds of different types of Barbies produced including Malibu Barbie, Doctor Barbie, Veterenarian Barbie, Holiday Barbie, etc. I would love to have her resume. In everything that Barbie tried her hand at, she was perfect. I'm sure if there was a Janitor Barbie she'd still manage to make it look glamorous. She's an image of perfection and flawlessness which could be a reason why so many people are self acclaimed Barbies.

In my opinion, I hate this whole Barbie fiasco. Barbie was and will always be plastic. We are all humans, and there is not one perfect human. Instead of wanting to be a Baribe why can't we [Us black females] strive to be a Michelle Obama, Mae Jemison, Barbara Waters, Lena Horne, Oprah Winfrey, Shirley Chisolm, Angela Davis, etc. These are real role models who actually stand for something, not just looking pretty and having lots of material things. There's nothing cute about being a Barbie. As I said on my Facebook status a couple weeks ago: I hate when girls (& maybe some guys too) call themselves Barbie. Esp. Black Barbie because she was only the white Barbie's flunkie...So she wouldn't seem racist and Ken always wanted to try a black chick. If you want to be plastic, fake, and have a brain full of air then more power to becoming a Barbie. Lastly, Barbie only gets played with when someone's bored, after that on to the next one (aka the Bratz doll).

In closing, I would like to leave this picture that I enjoy. It really shows the Barbie epidemic that's plaguing our black female population. Please, let's just end it.



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