May 18, 2010

Nothing would black man happier, than to have a white woman.

Nothing would make a black man happier, than to have a white woman.

I heard this on TV a couple weeks back, and as much as I hate to admit it, I do think that it's true. Not saying that all black men desire white women, but they would be at their happiest if they could attain a white woman/ non-black woman. It's like having a gold, shiny trophy on a shelf. Prime example: How many black male celebrities do you see with a black woman? Don't worry...I'll wait. It's not very many. The average Joe, of course has a harder time getting with someone of the opposite race, which is why it's not as common in the regular, non-celebrity world. Men are known to have have pride, and to show off

It's really the slave mentality. The white woman of the plantation was like a Goddess, an angel, and the most beautiful thing ever to grace the plowed lands. She's was clean, well kept, but she could never even be touched by the male slave. Her value was endless, and she was always placed on a pedestal worth so much more than the black woman. The black woman on the plantation was nothing more than a breeder, a cook, a maid, or simply put just another slave. She was easy to obtain unlike the white woman.

It's like a game, whoever can get the white woman get's the trophy wife. The thing you can show off to all your friends, brag about, and put on a pedestal for all to see. Men are known to be competitive beings, that love to show off their accomplishments, and getting a woman of another race is at the top for lots of black men.

Watching a show called "Basketball Wives" really brought this to my attention. "Basketball Wives" is a show about current and former wives of some of the biggest NBA stars and it airs on VH1. The first episode they introduced the cast, and what I saw was a definite lack of black women. There were some Caucasian women, some Asian, and the majority were mixed (black/white, white/Asian, Hispanic/white, etc.). Shockingly enough there were only about 2 black women on the show, and only one dark skinned.

I know this doesn't represent a good sample, but in my opinion it says a lot. Honestly, I'm all for interracial relationships, but it gets annoying when you see the black woman belittled so much, especially in the media. Most girls in music videos aren't dark skinned, most of them aren't even black. The love interest in black movies are usually lighter skinned black girls or mixed girls. All of this only suggests that darker skinned black women are less attractive than lighter skinned women, which isn't true.

Men have also said that they prefer white women because they aren't as nagging as black women, they don't have attitudes, they aren't outspoken or dramatic. YET most of the non-white women on Basketball Wives are divorced/separated from their husbands...It's not only on the show but most interracial marriages in Hollywood never work out. In the average Joe society, interracial marriages tend to work out more, true...But not all black women are loud and outspoken. Just like there are loud and outspoken black women, there are loud and outspoken white women. Just as there are soft and gentle white women, there are soft and gentle black women, too. So that's not an excuse.

Lil Wayne (the rapper) really said it quite clear in one of his songs: "Beautiful black woman, I bet that *girl* looks better red." I read in a magazine or something that he meant Red as a representation of the gang called "Bloods". I think that is such a load of crap! He meant what he said...A black woman is beautiful BUT she'll look a lot better if she were "red" or light skinned.

There was a study done about a year ago about how young girls viewed the black woman. The researchers put two dolls on a table, one white and one black. The little black girls were asked to pick the prettiest doll and the overwhelming majority of them chose the white doll.

I think this is an interesting case. I'm not saying that it's wrong for black guys to date white women, I love seeing couples in love regardless of race, but I do think that black women should get more credit instead of always being criticized. We should teach our children this fact, that skin color should not equal beauty. Simply put...

PEOPLE SHOULD BE LOVED FOR THEIR PERSONALITY (and inner beauty) and not their skin color.

May 9, 2010

My Life...In the Moment

It's Mother's Day and besides having ants attack me, and staying in walmart for over 30 minutes for two items, I've had a good day. There was this one moment that really made me laugh and smile and blush. All at the same time! I'm a hopeless romantic, so I see much more humor in this than it really should be. In opinion, it's the first funny scene in a romantic comedy that kicks it off. So anyway, here it goes! Enjoy! :)

I was out running some errands from my mom. Pick up this here, take this here, don't forget to go here. It was a pretty bland yet beautiful day as I stepped out of my car at the Home Depot. You see, we needed another propane tank for some outdoor cooking. There was so much food to cook that we needed two at the same time.

Supposedly there's this new high tech thing, where all you need is a credit card and a pair of hands and you can easily exchange your propane tank. Therefore, I parked my car right in the fire lane, expecting to not take longer than 5 minutes. As usual, technology never cooperates in my time of need. After swiping my card several times, it wouldn't work. I was starting to get irritated and weighed down by the gas tank in my hand. When I get irritated, I get hot, and when I get hot, it's not nice. After finally getting the new propane tank, I blew off my frustrations for the time being.

After stuffing the tank into my trunk I got in the car, blasted the AC, and decided to call my mom to tell her where I was headed. A couple minutes into the conversation, I looked out of the corner of my eye and I saw this sculpted figure. Literally sculpted, his physique was KILLER. He definitely hit up the gym like everyday. I kinda blew it off, and kept talking until I saw him walking in front of my car. He did the cutest thing. He pretended to run into my car as if I hit him and like he wasn't paying attention. I had a look of shock on my face, like OMG he ran into my car. Then he smiled and I smiled back. He had a cute smile, among many other cute features. So I kept talking, in shock that this guy was trying to get my attention.

He went inside and bought himself a Powerade. I pretended not to notice him, but he came back out and knocked on my passenger side window. He made a joke about I hit him, and just talked playfully. I wish I would've had more to say but I was in awe. He walked away, with all his perfectness and I was smiling like a little school girl in a candy store.

May 3, 2010

My Life...In Becoming Natural?

Hello all! Good morning! I hate being up so early but I slept alot yesterday so I'm not sleepy. Plus I'm trying to do an essay, powerpoint, AND script! I feel myself getting a little overwhelmed, so if you know me, you know that my stress reliever is writing!

I was on Facebook, and I saw an old friend. She used to have long, beautiful hair and now she cut it off, now she looks like Eve. Ok, I stole that from Kanye, but still! She's on the natural route, which looks cool and very cute. I really want to try the nautural style!!! Like really bad, but I'm scared in a way. I LOVE my long hair and although it is permed it IS NATURAL. I don't get when people say "I'm going back to my roots, to what God gave me". Um, God gave you hair whether it's permed or not, if it's not sewn in or slapped on top of your natural hair, and actually comes out of your scalp it's your natural hair! Anyway, I just think natural looks so cute once it's grown out.

I also know that natural hair is not for everyone. Sometimes it's not becoming to everyone who tries it, I understand it's their choice and I sooo applaud them for stepping out and doing it, but not everyone can pull it off. That goes for any hairstyle. Alot of people just do it now because everyone else is doing it, and not because they truly want to be more connected with themselves. Claiming to want to be natural but everything else on your body is synthetic...Think about it. Why not have your god given face, or god given eyes? Hmm...Anywho....

I know it's a long journey, and maybe it time, I'll try it but I really doubt it lol. As of now, I'm sticking to my natural permed hair...It's apart of me and I'm comfortable with it, I think cutting all my hair off would make my confidence level drop from 2 to zero...Lol.

Thanks for reading :)

May 2, 2010

My Life...In Wonder.

I wonder, does he ever think about me? Has he ever thought about me, the way that I thought about him? I know he doesn't. I know he never has. I know that I was never anything to him. He was everything to me. Or is he still everything to me?

That is all.