May 3, 2010

My Life...In Becoming Natural?

Hello all! Good morning! I hate being up so early but I slept alot yesterday so I'm not sleepy. Plus I'm trying to do an essay, powerpoint, AND script! I feel myself getting a little overwhelmed, so if you know me, you know that my stress reliever is writing!

I was on Facebook, and I saw an old friend. She used to have long, beautiful hair and now she cut it off, now she looks like Eve. Ok, I stole that from Kanye, but still! She's on the natural route, which looks cool and very cute. I really want to try the nautural style!!! Like really bad, but I'm scared in a way. I LOVE my long hair and although it is permed it IS NATURAL. I don't get when people say "I'm going back to my roots, to what God gave me". Um, God gave you hair whether it's permed or not, if it's not sewn in or slapped on top of your natural hair, and actually comes out of your scalp it's your natural hair! Anyway, I just think natural looks so cute once it's grown out.

I also know that natural hair is not for everyone. Sometimes it's not becoming to everyone who tries it, I understand it's their choice and I sooo applaud them for stepping out and doing it, but not everyone can pull it off. That goes for any hairstyle. Alot of people just do it now because everyone else is doing it, and not because they truly want to be more connected with themselves. Claiming to want to be natural but everything else on your body is synthetic...Think about it. Why not have your god given face, or god given eyes? Hmm...Anywho....

I know it's a long journey, and maybe it time, I'll try it but I really doubt it lol. As of now, I'm sticking to my natural permed hair...It's apart of me and I'm comfortable with it, I think cutting all my hair off would make my confidence level drop from 2 to zero...Lol.

Thanks for reading :)

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