June 20, 2010

Insecurities of a Girl

I wish I were prettier.
I wish I were taller.
I wish I were thinner
I wish I was understood.
I wish I had a boyfriend.
I wish I didn't have to have a period.
I wish I knew why he likes me.
I wish I could tell if he likes me.
I wish my nose was smaller.
I wish my boobs were bigger.
I wish my lips were bigger.
I wish my hair was longer.
I wish my hips were rounder.
I wish I could dance.
I wish I could sing.
I wish I were older.
I wish I had my own place.
I wish I could get more out of this relationship.
I wish he noticed me.
I wish I were darker.
I wish I was smarter.
I wish my moods didn't swing.
I wish I were a boy, so things would be easier.
I wish...I didn't have insecurites.

Not all of these are my wishes. Many of them aren't, but a lot of them are for girls around the world. We may look well kept and calm, but at any given time, one of these thoughts constantly eat away at us. They may seem minute, and even stupid but these are the kinds of insecurities that make girls cut themselves, get plastic surgery, and even kill themselves...Being a girl is not easy.


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