June 15, 2010

Local Entertainment groups my A....

I won't be surprised if one of thoee many local entertainment groups get caught in scandal involving high school kids. You know such as "Savage Life","Dead Game", "Big Faces", "SupaUnit", etc. These entertainment groups recruit, basically, "groupies" to promote their stuff. Not just regular groupies, but young, naive, high school groupies. A groupie, will be a groupie. What is a groupie? Roughly described, a groupie is someone who's basically a fan of a particular popular person or group. They are so much of a fan, that they feel the need to have a connection to this popular person or group. They're the type to try to get backstage, and are always confessing their love and admiration for their favorite celebrity, in any way possible. They'll do anything to get closer to limelight. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the CEOs, Admins, and other big wigs of the group aren't already doing illicit things with underage people. I could be wrong, but common predators stick to specific age groups. They don't like working with adults. They work with who they're attracted to, who they can relate to. However, I do understand that teens can be the some of the best promoters, true. Then again, you have to realize that we all grow up, we're not Peter Pan, no one can be an adolescent forever. I'm pretty sure that none of these groups have high school aged CEOs or persons in charge. What happens when the CEO of one the groups becomes 40 years old? Will he still recruit high school aged kids? If so, that's something I will definitely give a side eye glare, and a questionable expression.

Alot of these local entertainment groups support and promote artistry. Such as a singers/rappers, models, photographers, graphic artists, etc. What really puzzles me, is the modeling/photographer part. A lot of the so called "photographers" that are affiliated with these groups aren't professional. They may know how to take a good shot but are they licensed? Are they trustworthy? Generally, no. Modeling is a career that attracts thousands of teenagers every year. As a teen, or even just being someone undiscovered, you're always looking for your "big break". The point in your life where it all comes together, you're finally where you want to be, and your hardwork has paid off. So, alot of teens, especially females, get into modeling for these entertainment groups. Taking all kinds of pictures, that could be illegal, and even embarassing.

All in all, I'm saying if you're interested in the entertainment business, join a group that doesn't rely on 14-17 year olds to do it's promotions. If you want to be official, aim for an official group to join. It's crazy to put so much hardwork into a label that's not even recognized, when you can be putting time and effort into a major group. It's like pushing really hard on a brick wall, and expecting it to move.

Oh, and I'm sure alot of this underage illicit activity stuff is really going on. It goes on in the real entertainment world, so I'm positive in order to make it big, teens are doing whatever it takes to get into this local entertainment scene.
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