June 20, 2010

Upcoming Blogs

This is actually a note to self kind of thing so I don't forget, but it's also a heads up as well.

-Blog about Lantrav...About a boy, we went to middle and high school together. I remember him being bullied. People never took in consideration that he was a son, brother, friend, and a human. Outside of school, he had a normal life. Type: Serious, advice, psychology, lesson, life.

-Blog about girl in 5th grade. Brittiney Doucet. Ha. Type: Funny, life, growing up

-Blog about being called NOT fat by my little cousin. Remember: Dodgeball DVD case and Alex. "Wanna see a fat chick?" Type: Just funny

-Blog about the F word... How "fat" shaped my life. I hated the word, thought it was the most repulsive word in the dictionary, until I've had a recent change of heart. Type: Serious, motivational, life, lesson, advice

All these and more, this summer! :) *Subject to change, depending on my mood.


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