November 1, 2010

From the Inside

I'm single, I'm lonely.
It's late at night.
I wish someone would hold me.
I've been single my whole life, God this can't be right.
February, Valentine's Day.
Lovers hand in hand, I'm so jealous!
Praying to God, if I may,
Find someone to make I an us.
May 24th, I'll never forget,
Your smile, your touch, your laugh.
I never thought I'd hear it.
"Will you be my girl...This isn't a gaffe."
His words assured me,
My heart on the line,
Skipping beats like a CD,
I said "YES!" instantly on a high with no decline.
No longer single, I is an us
I never knew how great this could be, no longer a third wheel.
"I love him" is my Facebook Status.
Is this feeling real?
Our 3 month anniversary,
Attached at the hip.
I call him my baby; he calls me his Beauty.
100 days of unexplainable bliss,
Oh, how time flies when it's love you're in,
Single is a feeling I definitely don't miss.
Saturday night the time is right, my hands all over his skin.
Deeper and deeper we explore,
Under the stars shining bright,
The passion there and I can't ignore,
With one thrust our bodies unite.
Having convulsions,
Quiet whispers turn to loud moans.
My body is his, no love potions.
My mind in a whirlwind, cyclone.
"I love you"
Three words of the most expense.
"I love you too"
Would have been nice,
But he said he didn't think,
The time was right.
I sat there letting my heart sink,
My mind going "He loves you, he just can't say it"
This isn't the worst, at least I'm not single.
His phone goes off, he has a new text,
It's work, his boss is so evil.
He's needed at work, the new kid can't flip the burgers.
My man to the rescue.
He kisses me goodnight, running like a 40 yard dasher.
6 months together, just me and my boo.
Life is hard, but love is easy.
His love confession hasn't been reciprocated,
But I'm still his beauty, him my baby.
He works alot, but everynight,
We have our illicit eruption.
When I come up with something stupid we fuss, fight.
I learn how to keep my mouth shut,
I hate to anger him.
He doesn't want our relationship public, it's on the hush hush.
I'm special to him,
He hates to share.
Sometimes he'll call me on a whim,
To tell me how much he cares.
Although we don't talk very much,
This isn't the worst, at least I'm not single.
I wear my hair in a bunch,
My clothes are always wrinkled.
He likes me slim, so I never eat lunch.
He tells me the only person I need to look good for,
Is him, and to him, I look good in rags,
No need for Baby Phat, Dereon, or even a visit to the hair parlor,
I have a man, who I can keep for brags.
He's cheated on me once or twice,
But he still loves me, he told me so.
At least he comes home to me at night.
He says I have not a friend, everyone is a foe,
Not even family, they don't understand us.
I have nothing, no friends, family, I'm at an all time low.

This isn't the worst, at least I'm not single.


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