November 20, 2010

Internet Bullying...

Before reading, view the image above (Click it), read the tweets that I woke up to this morning...And some people STILL believe that Internet bullying is not an issue? If I were conducting a study, this would be the PERFECT evidence. And Part Deux...

Honestly, if I were as light hearted and self-conscious as I was a couple years back, I'd be in tears and hating myself right now. Suicidal? Maybe not, but I used to care ALOT about what other people thought about me. Especially the opposite sex, as most teens (and even adults) do. When I read over all of this, I just kinda laughed, I mean I've heard more hurtful things in the past anyway (refer to older posts if necessary). But this SAME guy who's now calling me a "gorilla" told me just like a month ago how cute I was...AND keeps mentioning me, AND analyzes my picture so much that he notices that I don't have eyebrows now if I were so ugly, how could he stand to look at me so long? Hmm.

Teens and pre-teens face this kinda stuff all the time. Which is why a lot of teens are committing suicide. I remember reading about a girl who was 13 years old, and lived in Australia. She was teased so much at school, her only escape was the Internet...Mostly Myspace. Her bullies got a hold of her Myspace site and created a fake page. The fake page was supposed to be a boy. "He" talked to her, and flirted with her, for an insecure teen, that's MORE than a big deal. After a couple months, the girl found out the guy wasn't real. The bullies took all the messages they sent each other, and distributed them around the school. The next day, the teen was found dead, an apparent suicide.

This case occurred about 4-5 years ago, and you can imagine how much worse it's gotten. Innocent people, targeted for what? A joke? Popularity? Followers? This guy on Twitter, makes his name by talking about people, for no reason. I pray, that no emotionally weak teenager falls into his trap, because it could be tragic.

In New Jersey, Democrats are trying to pass a law to prevent bullying. If I were in New Jersey, I'd support the law wholeheartedly! Bullies need to be held accountable for their actions. Some of them have made people commit suicide, how low is that? Bullying could be almost like murder...It's mentally draining and painful. Not only do I know from experience but I've seen other kids bullied too.

I believe it starts from home, so parents should be held accountable too. Not to mention the media. All in all, bullying needs to STOP! I will advocate the campaign to stop bullying until something is really done about it.


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