December 4, 2010

Revised Life Plan

YES! I've changed my major, again. I started out with Biology, then Psychology and now finally I'm ending with English. I'm actually really happy. I've always been fond of English, it's my forte. I understand it, I can engulf myself in it. Alot of people think "Oh English? You want to teach?" Well, this is going to be my stepping stone to get where I actually want to be. My revised life plan came along with some careful, deep, and long thinking. I had so many conflicts within myself at first, until, I just decided to do it. Here's my new plan:

1. Obtain my BA in English
2. Become certified to teach in a couple months
3. Teach high school English
4. Obtain my Master's in Psychology while teaching (Most school systems have some sort of tuition reimbursement program that help to fund getting a Master's.)
5. Quit teaching a year after I get my Master's
6. Become a Psychologist

Not only will teaching get me where I want to be, but I'll also have two life experiences. Once most people get their degree, they stick to one kind of job for the rest of their life, and I think that can be boring. With this kind of plan I'll have variety in my life. I can help kids, then help other's with mental or life problems. Either way, I'm helping mankind, which is what I want to do.

Another reason why I do want to become a teacher is because I know I can be a different, better kind of teacher. In high school my English teachers weren't really passionate. They didn't make it interesting and colorful, nothing really! I don't want to be friends with students, I want to intrigue them, interest them in English, Literature and writing.

All in all, I hope my plan works out. I KNOW it will, I have faith.


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