January 31, 2011

The Perfect Kiss

I was just thinking about the perfect kiss...

That unexpected one, the one you get when you're all alone just in each others company, taking in one another. That kiss you want to take a picture of because it's so perfect you want to remember the moment, but you're too weak, too engulfed in the kiss, that you can't even lift your hand to take the shot. It's simple, not too rough, just the right amount of passion and love. The tender, slow, gentle caress that he/she gives not too sexual more sensual than anything, making your body feel perfect, wanted, needed, worshiped...All within a simple kiss. The kind of kiss that you can't put into a lot of words, you just have to be in that moment and feel it. That's the perfect kiss.

I'm weird and a bit hopeless, I know. :)

January 15, 2011

My Dream Wedding (Literally)

If you follow me on Twitter, you know what I'm talking about. If not, here it goes...

This morning when I awoke I was in a somber, excited, happy, but teary mood. I woke up in tears. You know how when something happens in your dream, you know it's your dream so you know you aren't doing it in real life? I thought the same!

I sat up wiping my tears away remembering the awesome dream I had. It was MY own wedding playing in m dream like a movie. A movie where I was the star and everything came from my point of view. I remember every single detail, surprisingly. It took me a few minutes just to fathom it all and replay it again, in my head. Here's what happened...

I was sitting in a large room, in front of a vanity mirror. I was seated staring at myself in the mirror. I looked amazing and beautiful. I touch of makeup, and long, flowing, black, beautiful hair that only good money could buy. I smiled at myself, my teeth as white as a snow blanket. I was finally getting married, I thought. Before I even had time to think of a worry, someone who I'd never seen in my real life, poked their head in and told me it was time. She smiled at me warmly as if she knew me. I turned around glowing with a simple nod. I stood up carefully, admiring my white beaded and embroidered wedding dress. The trail wasn't very long, but the bodice's design was detailed, and elegant. It fit my body snugly, accentuating my curves, defining my body, showing off my bust. It was a dress I'd never even dreamed of, until now.

I walked out of the room, toward my daddy who was pacing a little but calm. We exchanged smiles and that was it. It was a small but roomy church. Two sets of pews and one long aisle. All of the bridesmaids stepped out with the groomsmen, people I'd never seen before, and then it was my turn. The "Here Comes the Bride" song began, and everyone stood and looked back as I made my way down the aisle with my daddy.

I was met by a man. That's it a man in a very nice tuxedo, I couldn't see his face. As we stood there, looking at each other, the dream shifted. It was as though I was him, looking at me. A singer came out, and began to sing "Ribbon in the Sky" sounded identical to Mr. Stevie Wonder himself. Before I knew it, I saw myself crying. Even before the exchange of vows, I was in tears.

The dream shifted once again, and it seemed as though I was back in my body. I was concerned about my makeup running, but I felt more confident than ever. I felt as though I was accepted by this man regardless of how I looked. I felt in my heart that I was crying because I never thought I'd see the day, my own wedding, someone just taking me as I am was beyond me.

After the singer completed the song, I woke up, in a puddle of my tears. I loved this dream, it was beautiful and somewhat complicated, it touched me and evoked real emotion. I pray that when I do get married, my reality is as close to my dream as possible.