January 31, 2011

The Perfect Kiss

I was just thinking about the perfect kiss...

That unexpected one, the one you get when you're all alone just in each others company, taking in one another. That kiss you want to take a picture of because it's so perfect you want to remember the moment, but you're too weak, too engulfed in the kiss, that you can't even lift your hand to take the shot. It's simple, not too rough, just the right amount of passion and love. The tender, slow, gentle caress that he/she gives not too sexual more sensual than anything, making your body feel perfect, wanted, needed, worshiped...All within a simple kiss. The kind of kiss that you can't put into a lot of words, you just have to be in that moment and feel it. That's the perfect kiss.

I'm weird and a bit hopeless, I know. :)


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