February 15, 2011

Nail Art!

Finished product (Except the index finger)

I've been really into nail art for a few months now. It takes a while to get them nicely done but it's my favorite hobby! I think this design is cute and wild, kind of rough looking, too.

Finished index finger.

I didn't get serious about it until someone actually wanted to pay me to do their nails. They saw the design on my nails and wanted a replica! Generally, when I'm done with the design I'll take a picture with my webcam. You'll see all of them in my upcoming fashion blog (See Blinded By Her Fashion).

Peace, love, and art :)

February 11, 2011

Mean Girls Aren't Always the Problem

Today I reading the inside cover of a novel. The novel was basically a guide for parents: How to help your teenage daughter survive adolescence. When I read the title, I was instantly taken back to my middle and high school years. I don't know how I survived and I don't understand how some others survive and trudge through and others just can't. As I continued to read I came across the sentence "Forget sugar and spice girls are just plain mean, and they torment other girls making their lives miserable."
That's where I had to stop, because based on my experience, mean girls aren't always the problem (unless you're a guy.).

As you may or may not know, I've been a walking bully target most of my life and I've experiences the teasing, taunting, and everything in between (See: Mein Kampf: My Struggle) and most of the teasing for me has come from the opposite sex. I've always had lots of girl friends, as opposed to only a few guy friends. Of course, there have been mean girls but they only account for maybe 25% of the "population that bullied me".

In middle school, perhaps my most vulnerable growing up years I was teased a lot, and as I said by more guys than anything. Can you imagine what that felt like? The opposite sex at that age meant a lot to me--To any pre-teen/middle school aged girl. Those are the years that you're supposed to have your first date, first boyfriend, first kiss, first real relationship, well that didn't happen for me. Yes, I heard "Boys only tease you because they like you!" but that wasn't the case, how could you torment someone that you like? After being teased by guys I was afraid to even talk to them and I never took them seriously. I remember not even able to look the opposite sex in the eyes, I was socially damaged.

That was years ago, and I'm completely different but I think the most hurtful bullying comes from the opposite sex because we all look for some type of acceptance from them. Although I have improved 1000% (I can talk to guys, look them in the eyes, flirt occasionally :)I still have trouble with opposite sex relationships, I have a huge, thick wall built up all because of the jerks that made my life a living hell. I still wonder, HOW did I make it out of that painful period in my life. I know I'm strong but even strong people have succumbed to bullying. A lot of cases where girls have committed suicide due to bullying the opposite sex was involved.

The people who write these sorts of self-help parenting guides shouldn't just write what they THINK they know, because in the end these self-help books are not helping at all, or making the problem worse!

February 3, 2011