March 8, 2011

He Won't Let Me Forget....

He won't let me forget that I am a woman...

If there was any one moment that a woman is completely free from her gender bondage, I consider her lucky.

Today, I was in a meeting with this man. There were three people in the room. My brother, the guy, and myself. As I walked in, he extended his hand and as I took it, he gave a firm handshake. Generally, when I'm shaking someone's hand I don't really look at their face but for some reason I looked at him expecting his eyes to be on my face or maybe elsewhere in the room, but instead his eyes were on my chest for a full 2-3 seconds at least. That's a lot of time to dedicate to boobs!

Anywho, I thought this was really inappropriate and it made me feel uncomfortable the whole time. The shirt I wore did reveal a little cleavage, but nothing over the top. And yes I had on my "good" bra that makes it all sit up so nicely but still. I would rather stupid pickup lines rather than a guy looking down my shirt.

Being a female is so not easy. In situations such as a professional meeting, I just want to be looked at as a person. Is that too much to ask?