April 29, 2011

3 Reasons So Many Women/Girls Are Pregnant

In case you haven't noticed, there has been a significant increase in pregnant women and teenagers. You can't walk into a high school (or middle school) without seeing at least one female pregnant. If you aren't in high school, I'm sure you know of plenty friends, relatives, former classmates, etc. who are expecting. So, after some slight research, I've found out the three (but not the only) reasons why so many females are getting pregnant these days.

1. Everybody else is doing it - Imagine one of your friends has a baby. The baby is so beautiful and your friend seems more happier than he's/she's ever been. You notice it a lot with other people who have had babies, it just seems so easy, so good, so right, and you just know you'll be the perfect parent. Well, a lot of people think the same thing and get pregnant just because of someone else.

2. Peer Pressure - Honestly, there isn't a lot of pressure to get pregnant...It's the pressure to have SEX! If you didn't know, you get pregnant from having guess what? Sex. Bird and the Bees. A lot of people jump into intimate relationships, thinking they know about condoms and safe sex when they really don't. In the end, most of them end up pregnant (girls) or the get the least obvious STD (girls and guys), or both! There is also pressure these days to be in a relationship. There's this whole idea that single people are lonely or they can't get anyone. So, people get into relationships because they don't want to be lonely, they don't want people to think that they can't get anyone. Girls especially use sex in order to hold on to their man, and in the process of trying to keep their guy with them, they get pregnant and he still leaves her...Single parents, anyone?

People also have made up this equation: Love = Sex. It's been said so many times on TV "If you really love someone, it's OK to have sex with them." May be that's true, but only when you're ready. Teen girls *think* they're in love all the time, and end up having sex, sometimes getting pregnant or catching a STD. I think all people should have a pre-set time to have sex with their partner (if they're not already saving for marriage). Maybe 3-6 months after you two have been dating? A year perhaps? If you are a female having sex, birth control decreases your chances of getting pregnant after that one "condom breach".

3. The Cesarean Epidemic - It's been said several times in the last couple years, but the C-Section is the most over-used surgery of all time. Women are who are perfectly healthy and able to have a natural birth, are opting to have a C-section, just because they can.

Although a C-section is a surgical procedure it is considered the "easy" way to have a child. Your entire lower body is numb, and they make a small incision, pull the baby out, and lace you up with a few stitches. Done! I know lots of people who say "Oh, I didn't feel a thing, that was easy" just after giving birth. A lot of young girls ask their friends who've had a child "How was it? Did it hurt? What was it like?" and if their friend tells them it was easy and all that jazz, their going to want to have a baby too, since it was easy, and you got a precious package in the end.

So, what do you think?

William and Kate

In a couple hours Catherine Middleton will marry Prince William. I wonder how it feels? To be just hours away from your wedding knowing that everyone's waiting and everyone across the world will be watching. Not just the fact that your wedding is high-profile, but you're dedicating your life to someone for eternity, her heart must be doing flips. Even though I'm not remotely interested in the wedding (it's really petty and frivolous when there are wars and disasters going on). I know, it's the royal wedding, so what? If I wanted to see a wedding I could turn on David Tutera and WETV (Women's Entertainment TV channel) anytime. I do however enjoy a nice romance.

From what I understand, Kate was an ordinary girl, who just happened to meet her prince. It must be hard going from a plain Jane to a PRINCESS! That's literally the things you see in movies.

I can only hope that I get to experience such a cinematic theme...

From the images and videos I see of them, they seem more like friends than a young, engaged couple. They just don't seem to fit together. When I see them together, they're always hand and hand which is nice, but they're both more focused on the media rather than each other. Maybe it's a British thing. I'm not saying they should be all over each other, but it would've been nice to see candids of them, just being playful with one another, hugging, or even a simple kiss.

When I heard they were getting married, I was shocked, they just don't have that "jelly" that makes them seem close enough to be a couple. Anywho, I hope they have a long-lasting relationship! Unfortunately, I'll be glued to homework when the wedding premieres.


April 27, 2011

Songs That Describe Me - 1

I'm starting a new blog series entitled "Songs That Describe Me". I won't post it everyday, just a few times a week, maybe. I love music and I fall in love even more with songs that I can relate to. I came up with the idea when I was listening to the radio today. I had my iPod connected to it, it was on shuffle, and a random song came on.

I was sitting there contemplating whether or not to go to class since I was already 30 minutes late. I always liked the song but I never listened closely to the lyrics. Especially since the song came out when I was only about 11 or 12. I just knew that I was always attracted to it. It's amazing, how if you miss only one word in a song, it'll throw off the entire meaning of the song and that's what happened with me, that's why I didn't understand it. What a perfect time to analyze lyrics, just as I'm already late for class, right?

It's called "I'm Like a Bird" by Nelly Furtado. If you listened to Pop/Top 40/Variety radio a lot as kid like I did, you probably can hear the chorus playing in your head. It's about a person in a relationship, who loves the person they're with but she (only assuming it's she, it could be any gender!) has trust issues. She thinks he is beautiful and perfect but she's just not sure.

She also knows that her love is great, rare, and worthy of giving to someone but still...No matter how hard she tries to be in love with him she's "Like a bird" and she'll only "Fly away" meaning run away from the relationship. She's so confused about what to feel, and she needs him to know that.

She goes on to say that it's amazing how much he trusts her and has faith in her, it hurts her to know this. He seems oblivious to the fact that she runs away from relationships, and she says it hurts her that he doesn't know her well enough to know that she'll only run away.

In the last verse she says it's not that she wants to leave him, but every time he tells her that he loves her, it only makes her want to run away even more. She's just scared that they'll end up falling through...She's afraid to love him back fully because she's unsure of their future.

All in all, this song describes me pretty well because I am like a bird. I run from relationships, and avoid them because I'm unsure of their future. It's not because I've had a bad experience, because I haven't, I've just seen it happen so much to friends, family, and in general, I can take physical pain but I'm don't handle emotional pain very well, so I run away.

I know, I know, I'm working on it. If I don't get past my fear, I'll never have a future with someone. I am truly trying to open up my heart and mind, I think I'm gradually getting there...

And for those of you wondering, yes I did go to class! :)

April 26, 2011

ABC - 26 Random Facts About ME!

Age: 19...I'll be 20 in June --- Maybe.
Bed Size: Queen for a Queen! :)
Chore you hate: Cleaning my own room! Ugh.
Dogs: Men.
Essential start of your day: I'm always running late for something when I wake up so yeah. I don't have time for any kind of ritual. Get dressed and GO!
Favorite Color: Depends on the day...Most Pink or blue.
Gold or silver: Gold
Height: 5'4
Instruments I play (or have played): Piano, saxophone, violin, cello, etc. I absolutely fail at instruments.
Job: Student/Writer/Library Assistant
Kids: Yes, A boy...His name will be Christian. That is all.
Live: MURDA CITYYYY (No, seriously.)
Mom's Name: Mama!
Nickname: Nikki, Nini
Overnight hospital stays: None for myself but I've stayed in the hospital several days with my mother *sad face*
Pet Peeve: random staring!
Quote from a movie: "You win some, you lose some...But you live to fight another day." - Friday
Right or left handed: Righty
Siblings: One brother (several cousins). I'm the only girl on my mother's side. Lucky ain't I?
Time you wake up: Iono!
Underwear: Commando.
Vegetables you dislike: Onions! Yuckk.
What makes you run late: Me waking up 10 minutes before every event.
X-rays you've had done: I've sprained and bruised my ankle several times.
Yummy food you make: Cereal :)
Zoo animal: Koala beaaaaars! Even though there aren't any Koalas in any Zoo I've seen...I love Koalas!

April 25, 2011

What's In a Degree?

I want to help the sick, I want to be a doctor. I want to fight injustices in the world, I want to be a lawyer. I want to educate our future (the children), I want to be a teacher. I want to publish a piece of literature, I want to be a writer. Ugh, there's so many things I want to do in my lifetime...It just seems like I don't have enough time to do it. Any of the careers mentioned above you need a degree, a piece of paper that says "This person is knowledgeable in this certain subject". I'm 19 and I feel like my time is running out...I'm spending 4-5 years of my life in school. If I did all the things I wanted to do, I'd have to be in school for 25-30 YEARS of my life. Why can't experience count for anything? I believe if you can read, you can do ANYTHING. College is basically reading and studying, you don't have to pay $10,000/semester to read and study.

People always seem to ridicule those prisoners who represent themselves in court. Even if they present their case better than a person with a Law Degree, they still lose. I think the world would be better if life experience counted for something. There are massively intelligent individuals who don't have degrees, but most of them don't have published books. They don't get to see patients. They don't get to defend a fellow citizen in court.

In Europe, college is nothing like the American idea of college. You enroll, select certain subject areas that interest you, live in a complex with fellow scholars and professors, and attend conferences and forums as you please. There are no classes, no weekly tests/quizzes. After you feel that you've been educated enough, after 3-4 years, you take one big test based on your major of study, and if you pass you get your degree. If only it were that simple...I could be everything I wanted to be.

The European way is more of the 'adult' way. In America, we're pacified. We are forced to take these certain classes, at this certain time because "Mother says so". I'm the type of person who hates being forced to do something. I know a lot of people are like me, so a degree would be much easier to obtain if it wasn't forced. American college is HIGH SCHOOL. We're not earning OUR OWN degree, we're earning THEIR degree. We are taking classes that THEY say we have to take, not the classes we want to take. This is why so many people end up in the wrong career!

If only things would change...

April 23, 2011

My Prom Night (Part Two)

I hope I left you guys craving for more about my Prom night! The story would've been too long to read as one piece, so I decided to break it up into two parts so it's easier to read. Now to continue...

I drove down the street, realizing how difficult it was to drive in heels. I called my friend on my cell phone and told her I was on the way over to her house. My friend was a nice, caring, wholesome person. I'd known her since 6th grade, and even though she had some traits that I didn't like, she was a good person. I wasn't disappointed to not have a Prom date, I knew I'd have much more fun with my friends anyway.

As I drove down the street I noticed a lot of people were looking at me. Did they see my awesome dress? Was I really that beautiful? I don't like being the center of attention, but with it being Prom night and all I thought attention was owed to me. A few minutes later, I arrived at my friends house. I wanted to just pick her up and go but my parents always taught me to get out and speak to people, especially when you're on their property. I opened my car door and looked down, realizing that my dress had been caught in the door so it was dragging on the ground the entire drive. I rolled my eyes at the fact that people were probably looking at my dress flapping in the wind and not me!

My friend's driveway was packed with cars, I thought it was some kind of family reunion going on. I went to the door and heard the chatter of several people. I couldn't believe my friend was in the middle of some kind of event right before Prom. I rang the doorbell and within two seconds the door was open. I stepped in and saw so many people, eventually I caught the eye of my friend's mother who I recognized. My friend was no where in sight, so I made small talk with the crowd of people, and found out that it wasn't a party. All 50 of those people were there to help my friend get ready for her big night. "This is cousin Rechelle...She was in charge of makeup...And this is my sister LeeAnna...She helped her get ready...Oh and her brother Junebug, he's our photographer..." After about 10 minutes of her introducing me to people I could careless about, my friend stepped out. She looked great, Maybe even a tad bit better than me.

We took several thousands of pictures and I thought we were on our way out. That is until my friend introduced me to her friend, who I'll call Shanna. I'd never met Shanna prior to that night and she seemed nice and decent. My friend told me that Shanna attended another local high school but wanted to come to our prom, so I said sure the more the merrier! Her dress was a little understated for a formal event, but it seemed she did the best she could. We said our goodbyes to everyone and we, as a trio, got into my car. Destination: Prom!

My car smelled like Perfumania and my friend had so much glitter, it covered my car seat and carpets, but I didn't care it was Prom! We talked about how nervous we were, how much fun we were going to have, and going to IHOP afterward. Before long we were at the prom location, Boudreaux's. "Well we're here! Let's go," I announced, watching a few couples go in, everyone looked beautiful. I wasn't nervous about how I looked since everyone had their own style.

We all got out of the car and all of a sudden Shanna said she couldn't find her keys. She put her purse on top of the hood of my car, and started pulling things out. I couldn't believe the contents of her purse! Black and Milds (cigars), razor blades, Swishers (Used to wrap weed/marijuana or nicotine so that it's able to be smoked) condoms, a small bag, AND cigarettes! Keep in mind we were all 17 at the time. I couldn't believe it.

The law says that anyone caught with drugs OR even drug paraphernalia (the things you use to make drugs) in their vehicle are subject to arrest. My Mama always warned me about letting strangers ride in my car. I shook my head and asked, "What is all this? You smoke?!" She shrugged like it was no big deal and replied with a simple "Yeah, I smoke."

I'm not a mean person nor am I person who likes confrontation so I just rolled with the flow. I knew that God was on my side and he'd protect me no matter what. So, after finding her keys we walked in. I was too focused on the fact that Shanna had drugs with her to even think about my entrance. I saw lots of people that I knew at the door, I received lots of positive compliments from friends, teachers, and even people I didn't talk to. I also got a few "I can't believe she's here" looks. All in all, there was no negativity and it was fun seeing everyone look amazing.

Once we arrived, lots of people were there, but more started pouring in, so much that it was hard to move around the tables. I sat at a table with my friend and Shanna, looking around and thinking that in a couple more weeks, I won't see those people who filled the room anymore. The moment went from exciting, awkward, to just bittersweet. I didn't talk to a lot of the people that graduated with me, but I knew of 99.5% (almost all) of them, they were apart of my life, even the ones that I didn't like (and the ones who didn't like me), we were in each others society, everyday we walked through Belaire high school with a common goal...I knew I was going to miss them.

As my mind wandered off, I realized my friend and Shanna had left me. I looked a few feet away and saw them talking to a guy who I took a class with. We spoke occasionally, he was bland, but a pretty nice guy. After a couple minutes they returned to the table and we all started talking. The guy said he had some alcohol in his pocket and Shanna instantly volunteered her cup for a fill. He took out the bottle and filled up her cup. We were in a pretty dim lit, inconspicuous area, so no one saw anything--I think. Then my friend put her cup in front of him, wanting some too! I know I was the driver but still they were drinking and Shanna had drugs! I thought this was only the kind of stuff you see on Sitcoms and Soap Operas.

After the alcohol got in their system, they wanted to dance. I hated dancing and didn't want to look like a fool, so I just sat and watched. My friend started dancing with this boy I'll call Jaron. My friend and Jaron went to church together, lived in the same neighborhood, and had known each other since elementary school. My friend always called him "brother" and he always called her "sister". You can imagine how I felt when I saw her grinding against him, and bending over in front of him dancing. It was even worse when the DJ played a Eric Benet's "Chocolate Legs" a rather slow song. His hand was on her ass and his face rested upon her breasts...I was speechless. Not only because she was dancing like that with her "brother" but because I'd NEVER seen her act so different. I didn't even think she knew how to grind. I know she wasn't buzzed because the cups were pretty small, like 4 ounces.

After the Prom King and Queen was announced, I told my friend I was ready to go because I was hungry, besides the prom ended at midnight and it was around 11:00 so it was pretty much over anyway. Ten minutes passed, then twenty minutes, then thirty still my friend and Shanna were stalling. They were drinking more, eating the finger foods as if it was an all you can eat buffet, and being sluts on the dance floor. I was SO PISSED. At around 11:45 I stood up and started marching toward the door, I was done, I was the driver, I didn't need them. Shanna saw me walking out the door and as soon as I put my key in the ignition Shanna and my friend came running out to the car. I noticed my friend still had her cup in hand, still with alcohol in it.

"Uh, are you going to pour that out?"
"No...Why it's just a little bit."
"No, you're going to pour it out I don't want that in my car."
"But, I want it!"

She opened the car door and poured it out, angrily. I couldn't believe I had to tolerate so much from her. I didn't know her as well as I thought I did.

We'd already made plans to go to IHOP after Prom, so I headed in the direction of the nearest IHOP. Shanna gets a call from the guy at Prom who gave them the alcohol, it turns out that they developed some kind of "relationship" so she wanted to meet him at the levee. My friend also said she wanted to meet "brother" Jaron. I wasn't going to waste my gas going to levee for some moments of pleasure. Not me. I denied their request and proceeded on to IHOP.

Once we got there, they seemed upset that they couldn't go fondle their new playmates, I honestly didn't care. IHOP was already pretty full with other kids that had just left their prom, so I didn't feel overdressed. The person at the door took us to our table, a nice spot near a table with other high school kids. As soon as we sat down, Shanna began trying to pick a fight with one of the girls at the other table, who was doing nothing to her. Shanna began to get loud and acted as if she wanted to fight the girl. I was embarrassed, annoyed, and just plain pissed. The waiter got her to settle down as he brought out our food. I literally scoffed down my country fried steak, because I wanted to be anywhere but IHOP (and the levee) at that point.

It took us 30 minutes to pay for our food since the line was incredibly long, but eventually we got out of there. I didn't say anything to Shanna or my friend I just started up my car and headed towards our part of town. I saw so many police cars, I got sick just worrying about if I got pulled over and they found the drugs on Shanna. I drove carefully and it felt like it took hours to get to my friend's house. Once we pulled in the driveway I took a deep breath and thanked the Lord that I arrived without getting pulled over.

I must say my Prom night was filled with so many emotions, but I truly wouldn't trade the experience for anything, I learned a lot that night, especially about friends and people in general. You can know them for years but do you really ever know them? It's debatable, I'm sure. I hope you all have/had a great prom season, I challenge you to write about your Prom night! I enjoyed writing about mine and I hope you all enjoyed reading about it.

**Names were changed in order to protect certain people.

My Prom Night (Part One)

Do you remember that coveted prom night? Your dress/tuxedo, your shoes, your date, the music? Or maybe you're still in high school, and anxious to experience the most memorable nights of your high school career? Since it's Prom season, I thought I'd share my experience of the supposed "Best night of your life, next to your wedding". I remember the entire day perfectly.

It was a hot, muggy day in May, typical Louisiana weather. The sun was shining bright, the bees were buzzing, and the mosquitoes were out enjoying their all you can eat buffet, it was a beautiful day. The sunlight illuminated my room, and as I looked over at my pink curtains I smiled brightly, just like in the movies. The first two minutes of that day was just beautiful...That is until I looked over at my clock.

It was after 2:30 PM, how the hell did I manage to sleep that long?! My smile turned upside down as I marched out of bed. I usually didn't awake myself, it was my mom's job. "Mama, why didn't you wake me up?!" I asked angrily as she sat in the living room watching TV. "Aw, baby, I wanted you to get your beauty rest, you know it is prom night" NO mama, I didn't know it was the night I'd been preparing for since middle school I thought to myself. I smiled anyway and thanked her for letting me sleep, God knew how much I needed it.

The day was so boring and ordinary. For lunch, I ate a sandwich...It was PROM NIGHT, where's the steak and potatoes, servants waiting on me hand and foot, magical music, Fairy Godmother (Whitney Houston, preferably), something whimsical! I dragged through the day wondering what the night would be like. I'd watched way too many romantic comedies and chick flicks, so mind was all over the place.

7:00 rolled around, and I was still in my daydreaming stupor. "Shouldn't you be getting ready for prom?" My dad asked, snapping me back to reality. "Oh yeah daddy...Sure." By that time I'd became more nervous than excited, rethinking the whole idea. I wasn't some homecoming queen or cheerleader or even "popular", good prom nights only happen to those kind of people, the people who "ruled" the school. I was out of my mind for even thinking that my Prom night would be magical.

So, there I was sitting on my bed staring at my gold, custom made, dress hanging on the door wondering should I go. After debating, thinking, regretting, laughing, crying, I finally decided I'd go. I swear my hormones were out of whack that day.

My parents began to rush me saying that I'd be late if I didn't hurry. Parents are so old fashioned, who arrives on time to prom. "Mamaaaaaaa! Daaaaaady! no one arrives early to prom," I whined. I forced myself to put on my dress and my shoes. My parents and my brother were all waiting outside for my premiere. Before stepping outside I looked in the mirror and made a few adjustments, putting on earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet. I wasn't a fan of necklaces and bracelets, but since it was Prom, I made an exception.

I stepped outside and was blinded by the flash of my Mama's digital camera. She squealed in excitement, saying how beautiful I looked, she was my mother, it was her job to say that I was beautiful. I smiled anyway, because I truly felt beautiful. My Daddy smiled and said "You look pretty". My Daddy rarely gives compliments on anything, so I took that one to heart. After my Mama snapped about 100 pictures of me in various poses and with my Daddy and brother, she let me go. I slowly walked away waving at my Mama who was teary-eyed, I'd been ready to leave, but I knew she'd be emotional, so I walked away slowly. I got into my car and shut the door, FINALLY I was off, but not before I picked up my friend who'd been waiting on me since 6:00 PM. I waved at my family again, as I backed out of the driveway. They made it seem as if I was riding off into the sunset with my knight in shining armor to a faraway land for eternity or something (I wish).

The night was just beginning, I wasn't prepared for what was in store for me the rest of the night...

Part Two will be posted soon :)

April 20, 2011

One of the Best Romantic Comedies Ever

Mozart and the Whale -

As you probably know, I love romantic comedies so very much! I've seen hundreds of them yet I only have a short list of favorites. I just watched one of the best romantic comedies ever, it's easily earned a spot in my "Top 10 favorite Romantic Comedies" list! It had the best message and the best plot. I absolutely adored it!

[Spoiler Alert]

It's about two young people who are stricken with Asperger's, which is a form of Autism. One is this guy, who's had the illness all of his life. He's even managed to get a Bachelor's degree despite his illness. He's also a mathematical genius. Then, there's a girl who has always been considered 'weird' but never knew what her problem was until she consulted with a doctor at the local university.

The guy leads a support group for people with Autism/Asperger's and one day the girl comes in, and he's instantly taken by her presence. Despite their mental illness, they date and have fun with one another. She tags him as her boyfriend and eventually they're intimate.

They move in together, and he gets a job at the university, dealing with his favorite thing, numbers. As they get too close she pushes him away, and they break up, getting back together only shortly thereafter. He asks her to marry him, but she feels as though he's only trying to save her from herself although he does truly love her. She breaks away from him and attempts suicide...................

To find out how the story turns out, you MUST watch the movie! My words don't even give it justice...It's so beautiful and shows that love covers everyone, no matter their race, religion, sex, gender, OR mental state. It's so beautiful and Josh Hartnett was beyond great.

I love, love, love, love.


April 17, 2011

Either I'm too normal or too crazy

I don't know, I feel relationship illiterate.
I'm not a hoe, my life isn't glitz and glam.
I'm not easy, sleazy, not just anyone can get it.
I don't have that coke bottle shape, ass and tits that make all the guys go "Damn!"
I like conversations and movies.
I love comedy, laughing, sarcasm, I'm deep.
I'm just how I wanna be, how God molded me to be.
I wanna be in love someday,
I want to have a fairytale wedding,
But I wanna do everything the right way,
I hate the idea of settling,
Am I just too normal? Or am I just too crazy?

Why Lady Gaga is Annoying Me

Ok, I'm a Gaga fan, I have her first two albums and even bought her Remixes album (My favorite of them all) but with her upcoming album, I'm not feeling her, and she's being quite annoying.

I like "Born This Way" but it doesn't seem like true Gaga. I only came to like it because it was overplayed. It's just something I expected from her type, but Gaga material isn't supposed to be "expected" it's supposed to be the opposite of what everyone expected.

I also feel that she's getting away from her artistry JUST to start controversy. Her new song Judas, I've heard only the 1 minute snippet that iTunes allows you to hear and I forced myself to listen to it, because the title itself is controversial so I expected the lyrics to bring much more controversy and they did. Judas is the the apostle that betrayed Jesus. He's the bad guy. There are many ways to express the feeling of hurt and love-lost without going to Bible/Biblical figures. Why does she have to go there?

Not to mention that she sometimes alludes people to the idea that she worships the devil. I'm pretty touchy about spirituality and she just seems to be using it all the wrong way. She's just changing into a 'deeper' Britney Spears and I'm hating it. Her fans are annoying too! Gaga can wear devils horns, the 666 sign on her shirt, and have a burning cross in her hand and they still worship her. *sighs* And that Country Roads cover of Born This Way? OMG GAG ME WITH A SPOON!

Maybe it's just hormones because LOTS of things are annoying me these days. >.<

April 14, 2011

April 12, 2011

The Bullying Cycle Continues

I tweeted something yesterday and I feel as though I didn't explain what I meant clearly. My tweet read: "All of the people I disliked in high school have kids. Ha." Well 140 characters only allow you to say so much, but I meant it more seriously than anything.

First of all, if I disliked anyone in high school it was for a definite reason --- Usually I was teased/taunted by them in some way or the fact that they're not a good person.

Now, all of these people have kids. I seriously hope that their kids don't experience the kind of torment they put me through...In my opinion it's like a death sentence, maybe even worse than death. When you die, you get a break. But then your life is gone so there's nothing left anyway.

When their kids get older and ask them what was high school like, they won't say "I was on the basketball team, in the black history club...And I teased the fat girl at our school every day, good times!" I hope they teach their kids better, in order to end this cycle of teasing...The "Ha." in my tweet was sarcastic, I can only imagine how some of those people I disliked in high school are raising their kids...It's just a new flock of jerks ready to attack the nerds, the fat kids, the handicapped, the gays, the awkward and unusual, the unblendables.

It's not only the people who do the actual teasing, the ones who laugh and instigate are just as terrible. I wish people would teach their kids that it's not OK, it's not funny. If we teach our kids this, they'll influence their friends and maybe, just maybe we can reverse this cycle. Until then, my heart goes out to the unblendables.

Oh, how I wish I could get back the days they took from me. The beautiful days they robbed me of...The days they took from other people who weren't normal looking or acting. Hmph.

<33 :)

April 10, 2011

Why You Haven't Found Your Soulmate Yet

"It's hard figuring out who's supposed to be in your life for a moment and who's supposed to be in your life for a lifetime...A lot of people marry the people who were meant to be in their life for a moment---Not a lifetime." - My Facebook Status 4/10/11

This status sparked something in me as soon as I posted it. In less than 5 seconds I came up with a philosophy about why we aren't finding our soulmates. I truly believe God created a soul mate for every single person on this Earth, yet the divorce rates are through the roof and people are jumping in and out of relationships like socks. Why?

The answer is simple, yet complex and it all lies within my Facebook status. People aren't finding their soul mates because people are falling in love with and committing to people who aren't supposed to be in their life for a lifetime...We are settling! I'm not saying that everyone is doing it, just most. We accept whatever comes to us and even lower our standards in order to make the relationship better. A lot of people think "If I'm too picky, I'm going to be single forever." I don't believe that's true. You have to be picky when it comes to relationships, you don't want to spend your life with someone you don't really like or love.

You shouldn't say "I love her...But she's this, she's that, blah blah blah" when you love someone there's no BUTs, no IFs, no SOMETIMES. "I love you" should be plain and simple. I love you should cover every flaw, imperfection, EVERYTHING! When you say you love someone, there's no exceptions, you love everything about them. These days there are too many BUTs, IFs, and SOMETIMES.

Basically, your soul mate is probably with someone who's only supposed to be in their life for a moment. That's why second marriages are so successful. Before going through the hassle of getting married and being married, and then discovering that you're not right for one another, and then getting a divorce, be picky before hand instead of wasting time.


April 8, 2011

Imagining Love

Tonight I was headed home from school, and Selena's "Dreaming of You" came on the radio. I absolutely love the song, it's beautiful! I was singing along, doing my best Selena impression. The lyrics always take me to a simpler time when I had that one crush that I couldn't stop thinking about. All of sudden she sang

"...And I still can't believe that you came up to me and said I love you...I love you too. Now I'm dreaming WITH you tonight 'til tomorrow, and for ALL of my life. And there's no where in the world I'd rather be, than here in my room dreaming with you endlessly..."

I just started crying thinking of this perfect situation. I know it was coming because I've heard the song ten million times. It just really came out of nowhere.l It's just the most beautiful thing! Thinking of someone constantly, wondering if they're thinking of you and you find out YES they are and they love you back. Now, you're in love with each other and you don't have to wonder what the other person is thinking and what they're doing, because you're with them endlessly. *sighs*

I'm hopeless.

April 7, 2011

The Ignorance of Fast Food Workers

The Ignorance of Fast Food Workers --

My aunt who has a speech impediment due to a brain problem, was at McDonald's drive through. Her kids wanted something to eat quick so that was her best solution. My aunt can't pronounce certain words and sometimes the words she does pronounce come out sounding unusual. Once she ordered at the little microphone, she pulled up to discover probably her worst nightmare. The people at the window were making fun of her speech. Although the window was closed, she could hear them mocking her. Once the worker opened the window she continued to laugh in her face, probably thinking that she didn't know they were making fun of her. My aunt was really upset because before her brain injury she spoke really well. It's like a person who's handicapped, and can't help their problem.

I think this was an extremely sad case. Even if they didn't know she had a brain injury why would they do such a thing? I have a job that involves interacting with people a lot and it's just something that you don't do.

Fast food restaurants should hire more mature and serious workers. My co-workers and I joke all the time but not around the patrons, it should be the same in fast food. Them hiring teenagers is not the problem, I started working at 17 and I was still mature. I know it's just fast food, but still you affect the people you meet daily. Without the customers you wouldn't even have a job so the least you could do is respect them. A job is not high school, you don't do things like that just for a laugh or a joke, a job is real life. I'm really too through.