April 29, 2011

3 Reasons So Many Women/Girls Are Pregnant

In case you haven't noticed, there has been a significant increase in pregnant women and teenagers. You can't walk into a high school (or middle school) without seeing at least one female pregnant. If you aren't in high school, I'm sure you know of plenty friends, relatives, former classmates, etc. who are expecting. So, after some slight research, I've found out the three (but not the only) reasons why so many females are getting pregnant these days.

1. Everybody else is doing it - Imagine one of your friends has a baby. The baby is so beautiful and your friend seems more happier than he's/she's ever been. You notice it a lot with other people who have had babies, it just seems so easy, so good, so right, and you just know you'll be the perfect parent. Well, a lot of people think the same thing and get pregnant just because of someone else.

2. Peer Pressure - Honestly, there isn't a lot of pressure to get pregnant...It's the pressure to have SEX! If you didn't know, you get pregnant from having guess what? Sex. Bird and the Bees. A lot of people jump into intimate relationships, thinking they know about condoms and safe sex when they really don't. In the end, most of them end up pregnant (girls) or the get the least obvious STD (girls and guys), or both! There is also pressure these days to be in a relationship. There's this whole idea that single people are lonely or they can't get anyone. So, people get into relationships because they don't want to be lonely, they don't want people to think that they can't get anyone. Girls especially use sex in order to hold on to their man, and in the process of trying to keep their guy with them, they get pregnant and he still leaves her...Single parents, anyone?

People also have made up this equation: Love = Sex. It's been said so many times on TV "If you really love someone, it's OK to have sex with them." May be that's true, but only when you're ready. Teen girls *think* they're in love all the time, and end up having sex, sometimes getting pregnant or catching a STD. I think all people should have a pre-set time to have sex with their partner (if they're not already saving for marriage). Maybe 3-6 months after you two have been dating? A year perhaps? If you are a female having sex, birth control decreases your chances of getting pregnant after that one "condom breach".

3. The Cesarean Epidemic - It's been said several times in the last couple years, but the C-Section is the most over-used surgery of all time. Women are who are perfectly healthy and able to have a natural birth, are opting to have a C-section, just because they can.

Although a C-section is a surgical procedure it is considered the "easy" way to have a child. Your entire lower body is numb, and they make a small incision, pull the baby out, and lace you up with a few stitches. Done! I know lots of people who say "Oh, I didn't feel a thing, that was easy" just after giving birth. A lot of young girls ask their friends who've had a child "How was it? Did it hurt? What was it like?" and if their friend tells them it was easy and all that jazz, their going to want to have a baby too, since it was easy, and you got a precious package in the end.

So, what do you think?


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