April 12, 2011

The Bullying Cycle Continues

I tweeted something yesterday and I feel as though I didn't explain what I meant clearly. My tweet read: "All of the people I disliked in high school have kids. Ha." Well 140 characters only allow you to say so much, but I meant it more seriously than anything.

First of all, if I disliked anyone in high school it was for a definite reason --- Usually I was teased/taunted by them in some way or the fact that they're not a good person.

Now, all of these people have kids. I seriously hope that their kids don't experience the kind of torment they put me through...In my opinion it's like a death sentence, maybe even worse than death. When you die, you get a break. But then your life is gone so there's nothing left anyway.

When their kids get older and ask them what was high school like, they won't say "I was on the basketball team, in the black history club...And I teased the fat girl at our school every day, good times!" I hope they teach their kids better, in order to end this cycle of teasing...The "Ha." in my tweet was sarcastic, I can only imagine how some of those people I disliked in high school are raising their kids...It's just a new flock of jerks ready to attack the nerds, the fat kids, the handicapped, the gays, the awkward and unusual, the unblendables.

It's not only the people who do the actual teasing, the ones who laugh and instigate are just as terrible. I wish people would teach their kids that it's not OK, it's not funny. If we teach our kids this, they'll influence their friends and maybe, just maybe we can reverse this cycle. Until then, my heart goes out to the unblendables.

Oh, how I wish I could get back the days they took from me. The beautiful days they robbed me of...The days they took from other people who weren't normal looking or acting. Hmph.

<33 :)


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