April 7, 2011

The Ignorance of Fast Food Workers

The Ignorance of Fast Food Workers --

My aunt who has a speech impediment due to a brain problem, was at McDonald's drive through. Her kids wanted something to eat quick so that was her best solution. My aunt can't pronounce certain words and sometimes the words she does pronounce come out sounding unusual. Once she ordered at the little microphone, she pulled up to discover probably her worst nightmare. The people at the window were making fun of her speech. Although the window was closed, she could hear them mocking her. Once the worker opened the window she continued to laugh in her face, probably thinking that she didn't know they were making fun of her. My aunt was really upset because before her brain injury she spoke really well. It's like a person who's handicapped, and can't help their problem.

I think this was an extremely sad case. Even if they didn't know she had a brain injury why would they do such a thing? I have a job that involves interacting with people a lot and it's just something that you don't do.

Fast food restaurants should hire more mature and serious workers. My co-workers and I joke all the time but not around the patrons, it should be the same in fast food. Them hiring teenagers is not the problem, I started working at 17 and I was still mature. I know it's just fast food, but still you affect the people you meet daily. Without the customers you wouldn't even have a job so the least you could do is respect them. A job is not high school, you don't do things like that just for a laugh or a joke, a job is real life. I'm really too through.


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