April 27, 2011

Songs That Describe Me - 1

I'm starting a new blog series entitled "Songs That Describe Me". I won't post it everyday, just a few times a week, maybe. I love music and I fall in love even more with songs that I can relate to. I came up with the idea when I was listening to the radio today. I had my iPod connected to it, it was on shuffle, and a random song came on.

I was sitting there contemplating whether or not to go to class since I was already 30 minutes late. I always liked the song but I never listened closely to the lyrics. Especially since the song came out when I was only about 11 or 12. I just knew that I was always attracted to it. It's amazing, how if you miss only one word in a song, it'll throw off the entire meaning of the song and that's what happened with me, that's why I didn't understand it. What a perfect time to analyze lyrics, just as I'm already late for class, right?

It's called "I'm Like a Bird" by Nelly Furtado. If you listened to Pop/Top 40/Variety radio a lot as kid like I did, you probably can hear the chorus playing in your head. It's about a person in a relationship, who loves the person they're with but she (only assuming it's she, it could be any gender!) has trust issues. She thinks he is beautiful and perfect but she's just not sure.

She also knows that her love is great, rare, and worthy of giving to someone but still...No matter how hard she tries to be in love with him she's "Like a bird" and she'll only "Fly away" meaning run away from the relationship. She's so confused about what to feel, and she needs him to know that.

She goes on to say that it's amazing how much he trusts her and has faith in her, it hurts her to know this. He seems oblivious to the fact that she runs away from relationships, and she says it hurts her that he doesn't know her well enough to know that she'll only run away.

In the last verse she says it's not that she wants to leave him, but every time he tells her that he loves her, it only makes her want to run away even more. She's just scared that they'll end up falling through...She's afraid to love him back fully because she's unsure of their future.

All in all, this song describes me pretty well because I am like a bird. I run from relationships, and avoid them because I'm unsure of their future. It's not because I've had a bad experience, because I haven't, I've just seen it happen so much to friends, family, and in general, I can take physical pain but I'm don't handle emotional pain very well, so I run away.

I know, I know, I'm working on it. If I don't get past my fear, I'll never have a future with someone. I am truly trying to open up my heart and mind, I think I'm gradually getting there...

And for those of you wondering, yes I did go to class! :)


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