April 17, 2011

Why Lady Gaga is Annoying Me

Ok, I'm a Gaga fan, I have her first two albums and even bought her Remixes album (My favorite of them all) but with her upcoming album, I'm not feeling her, and she's being quite annoying.

I like "Born This Way" but it doesn't seem like true Gaga. I only came to like it because it was overplayed. It's just something I expected from her type, but Gaga material isn't supposed to be "expected" it's supposed to be the opposite of what everyone expected.

I also feel that she's getting away from her artistry JUST to start controversy. Her new song Judas, I've heard only the 1 minute snippet that iTunes allows you to hear and I forced myself to listen to it, because the title itself is controversial so I expected the lyrics to bring much more controversy and they did. Judas is the the apostle that betrayed Jesus. He's the bad guy. There are many ways to express the feeling of hurt and love-lost without going to Bible/Biblical figures. Why does she have to go there?

Not to mention that she sometimes alludes people to the idea that she worships the devil. I'm pretty touchy about spirituality and she just seems to be using it all the wrong way. She's just changing into a 'deeper' Britney Spears and I'm hating it. Her fans are annoying too! Gaga can wear devils horns, the 666 sign on her shirt, and have a burning cross in her hand and they still worship her. *sighs* And that Country Roads cover of Born This Way? OMG GAG ME WITH A SPOON!

Maybe it's just hormones because LOTS of things are annoying me these days. >.<

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  1. Heyy, it's Maya! ^_^. I dunno why I didn't read this sooner since I do read your blog often. I guess I over looked it. Lol.

    But, you know I am a deeply devoted Gaga fan and but I think this BTW era is sort of flopping. It's been over hyped and she is starting to receive backlash. The reviews for some of the songs aren't all that great, but like I said, she is overhyping it as where as with TFM, she still was barely known. But that all comes with an evolving artists. Gaga will never again be TF or TFM Gaga again. She has grown so much from those eras. Personally, I love that she is getting darker with her music and last year was an interesting year for her (her grandpa passing, encounters with the Westboro Baptist Church, meat dress) and I just think she is reflecting that into her songs.

    Judas isn't suppose to be looked at in a biblical sense. It's about trying to move away from your past and start over fresh. "Judas" represents the past. The badness in a sense and she just related it to Jesus and Judas. Being that Judas betrayed Jesus, the past has "betrayed" her and left her in a mess. Personally, I think it's Alejandro on steroids. lol. But I see where you are going with the "she could have used another analogy" thing. But Gaga is trying to show that she isn't some devil worshiping person. Like she says in Judas: "In a biblical sense, I am beyond repentance. Fame hooker, prostitute wench, vomits her mind." People take her for what they SEE her as, but not whats on the inside. Look at her 60 mins interview she did with Anderson Cooper, the girl is so kind hearted and genuine, it hurts.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not that delusional in where I won't call her out on some crapola like the official BTW cover. It is shit with all capital letters. And the explanation is not really relating to that, so yeah. I'm don't so much like the image for this new era, but the music will be amazing.