April 10, 2011

Why You Haven't Found Your Soulmate Yet

"It's hard figuring out who's supposed to be in your life for a moment and who's supposed to be in your life for a lifetime...A lot of people marry the people who were meant to be in their life for a moment---Not a lifetime." - My Facebook Status 4/10/11

This status sparked something in me as soon as I posted it. In less than 5 seconds I came up with a philosophy about why we aren't finding our soulmates. I truly believe God created a soul mate for every single person on this Earth, yet the divorce rates are through the roof and people are jumping in and out of relationships like socks. Why?

The answer is simple, yet complex and it all lies within my Facebook status. People aren't finding their soul mates because people are falling in love with and committing to people who aren't supposed to be in their life for a lifetime...We are settling! I'm not saying that everyone is doing it, just most. We accept whatever comes to us and even lower our standards in order to make the relationship better. A lot of people think "If I'm too picky, I'm going to be single forever." I don't believe that's true. You have to be picky when it comes to relationships, you don't want to spend your life with someone you don't really like or love.

You shouldn't say "I love her...But she's this, she's that, blah blah blah" when you love someone there's no BUTs, no IFs, no SOMETIMES. "I love you" should be plain and simple. I love you should cover every flaw, imperfection, EVERYTHING! When you say you love someone, there's no exceptions, you love everything about them. These days there are too many BUTs, IFs, and SOMETIMES.

Basically, your soul mate is probably with someone who's only supposed to be in their life for a moment. That's why second marriages are so successful. Before going through the hassle of getting married and being married, and then discovering that you're not right for one another, and then getting a divorce, be picky before hand instead of wasting time.



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