April 29, 2011

William and Kate

In a couple hours Catherine Middleton will marry Prince William. I wonder how it feels? To be just hours away from your wedding knowing that everyone's waiting and everyone across the world will be watching. Not just the fact that your wedding is high-profile, but you're dedicating your life to someone for eternity, her heart must be doing flips. Even though I'm not remotely interested in the wedding (it's really petty and frivolous when there are wars and disasters going on). I know, it's the royal wedding, so what? If I wanted to see a wedding I could turn on David Tutera and WETV (Women's Entertainment TV channel) anytime. I do however enjoy a nice romance.

From what I understand, Kate was an ordinary girl, who just happened to meet her prince. It must be hard going from a plain Jane to a PRINCESS! That's literally the things you see in movies.

I can only hope that I get to experience such a cinematic theme...

From the images and videos I see of them, they seem more like friends than a young, engaged couple. They just don't seem to fit together. When I see them together, they're always hand and hand which is nice, but they're both more focused on the media rather than each other. Maybe it's a British thing. I'm not saying they should be all over each other, but it would've been nice to see candids of them, just being playful with one another, hugging, or even a simple kiss.

When I heard they were getting married, I was shocked, they just don't have that "jelly" that makes them seem close enough to be a couple. Anywho, I hope they have a long-lasting relationship! Unfortunately, I'll be glued to homework when the wedding premieres.



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