May 15, 2011

Amber Rose: If I Could Have Anyone's Body.

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Honestly, I'm not an Amber Rose fan. She's catapulted into 'celebrity' status just by dating in the entertainment industry [Kanye West anyone?]...But also I'm not a fan of the kind of hate she gets. I personally don't hate her, I don't know her! I only know of what's been reported about her and generally that never sums up a person entirely. I think she's interesting to say the least.

I was on another blog site and saw this picture. TONS of people kept saying how fat and ugly she is. She's neither of those. She BAD! Her body is ultra sick. I mean, if I could have anyone's body it would be hers! She's not bony, her ribs aren't showing, she has true substance to her body. Judging this photo and other pictures/videos I've seen of her she's a big girl. Big as in tall and thick but she's no where near fat.

In addition to having a sick body, she's pretty. Her makeup is always pretty minimal, and she almost never wears a wig or weave. How is she ugly?

If that picture above is of a fat, ugly girl...Wow. I (along with millions of other people who aren't as blessed to look this amazing) must be grotesque. I don't understand how when people dislike you, they form a whole different opinion of your outward appearance. A lot of people who hate Beyonce say she's ugly, she's not ugly it's just the hate in their mind that makes them change her into an ugly image. I [sort of] understand disliking someone but people should face reality. I notice this type of hate in the black community A TON! Get over it.


1. ...Because she dates black guys. I understand that it's annoying seeing that every model, video girl, and celebrity's girlfriend/wife is either non-black or a light skinned black person, but why radiate hate? It will change nothing.

Spread love dears.

2014 UPDATE:
Hey guys. This post was published in May 15th, 2011, three years ago! I will say that now I am more of a Amber Rose fan than I used to be and I still love her body and wish it were mine. Please check out my other posts over the years:
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