May 21, 2011

Breaking A Life Story (Part II)

As I sat there waiting for the big decision, my mind ran a thousand miles. I couldn't help but think my career was over. After all, some people don't even have a career and here I am complaining about my "dream job".

After about twenty minutes my supervisor reappeared...With the General Manager. He's such a top level employee that I don't know his name. I'd never really seen him up close either, I only heard things about what he was like, some good things but mostly bad. I stood up as he walked in, extending my hand for a shake. "Hi, I'm--" before I could introduce myself I was cut short by his booming voice that seemed to vibrate the walls.

"I know who you are...You're someone who wants a promotion after being here for less than a year. Do you know how long it took me to get promoted? Three years! It took me 20 years to even think about being promoted to G.M."

He paced the floor as he spoke, I felt as though I was watching my career fall down a slippery slope.

"...You see Christina, a career takes patience and hard work. A career is a test of how hard you're willing to work to get to the top or to wherever you want to be. Life is not a movie and promotions don't happen in an instance. Tell me why you think you should be our lead anchor?"

He stopped dead in his tracks and looked over at me. My supervisor's attention was on me as well. "Well sir, I am determined and motivated. I have energy and drive that this station needs. Sir, we have the lowest ratings in the metropolitan area. Our newscasts only capture men...For obvious reasons. We need to dig deeper, we need to revamp our newscasts and make them more family friendly, not just for adults but kids and teens, young and old, and I feel I can do that, I know I can if you'd just give me that chance."

He started pacing again, but this time without speaking. He paced and paced for at least 5 minutes before saying anything. I wanted to burst into tears and run out of there screaming because not only am I being a whiny bitch, I insulted the very company that he operates. I felt dead and buried already. He took a seat in the chair that I was sitting in and gave me a look over.

"Hm, actually we were headed in that direction. Our consultants came up with a new segment. It's small and after the sportscast but we feel that with changing times it's a necessary step. An entertainment segment, that highlights gossip and news dealing with celebrities and such. It's set to air next week and you are going to be the reporter for that section. As you said our ratings are low, and if they don't improve within the first week of your segment, your journalism career here will be null and void. Understand?"

I swallowed hard, and nodded in agreement "Yes sir, no problem! Thank you," I said smiling but inside I still felt like my career was over. How could I raise the ratings in a week? That's pretty impossible I thought as the G.M. got up and stormed out of Darian's office.

I wasn't sure where this path was taking me, but I was hoping it'd lead me right where I wanted to be.


Over the next few days I researched 24/7. I hardly got any sleep, and had to wear makeup to cover up my raccoon eyes. I needed to break something big, bring something big to Birmingham but first I had to find something big to cover.

As I poured my umpteenth cup of coffee, I spotted Kellie approaching me. "Hey Christina! What's up? I heard about your new segment, aren't you excited!" Kellie was always over-hyper, but I enjoyed that aspect of her personality. "Yeah, I'm pretty thrilled," I said plainly taking sip of my almost perfect cup of coffee. "I know it's probably not the best thing but it is something you know!" She patted my shoulder and strutted away in her too tight double-breasted suit jacket, too short matching skirt, and too tall black heels.

I was envious and I know I could never compete. I marched off to my office and shut the door looking at the failed leads that I came up with. I was through, my journalism days were over. I turned on my laptop and logged on to Twitter and Facebook, just wasting time and counting the days that I'd be unemployed. After reading through random wall posts and tweets on my timeline, and then it hit me like a ton of bricks. My big break was right in front of me.


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