May 7, 2011

Society's Order of Operation

As you may or may not know, math is my totally least favorite subject. In fact, the word 'hate' is truly an understatement. I hate it because I don't understand it. It takes me a long while to grasp the concepts. But one thing has always stuck with me, since middle school: The Order of Operation (the order in which you solve an algebraic expression). It's PEMDAS (parentheses, exponents, multiply/divide, addition/subtration). Besides being a helpful acronym in math, it can be a symbol for the social world, too.


Image is an important thing in the social world, it's been proven. Example: When people go to a club/bar they're are usually searching for a mate (maybe even a one night stand). They look around and go through mental steps or their own order of operation. For a lot of people, it's appearance first. If the first step is not ok, the whole problem is null and void. Without even getting to know a person, the relationship is over -- without ever starting!

I think this is the error that makes appearance so important. It makes people judge. If we all switched around our order of operation, the world wouldn't put so much of an emphasis on what looks pleasing.

Am I saying just talk to random people regardless of what they look like?

YES! Not only does it increase your chance of finding your soulmate, but you get to meet a variety of people. The worst mistake that people make when looking for a partner is only being attracted to their outward appearance. Thinking with what's between their legs, not what's in their heart.

Personally, I don't care about appearance when I'm talking to someone. I first talk to them, and if their personality is radiant, I think they're just that. It also makes you less judgemental and more well rounded.

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  1. Interesting pov about that and is so true. Smh don't know when that will happen, hopefully soon.