May 9, 2011

That Awkward Moment When...

I've always wondered about that awkward moment when you're still having sex with your former boyfriend/girlfriend.

What happens when it's all over? You've had your moments of fun and lust, now what to say? "Thanks, I still hate you though." or is it more of a get dressed and go thing? I know that some relationships end on good terms, but it's not called "breaking up" if you're still having sex with him/her, that's just pure lust...Or in other words being used. You don't like/care for the person enough to be with them, but you can still have sex with them?

I don't know, I couldn't imagine being THAT intimate with someone but not in love with them. I don't understand casual sex...How people allow others to explore the deepest, most personal part of their body, and they don't even care about them. I wouldn't even feel comfortable like that.

I know people who have said they literally hate their former mate, but they still have sex with them, "No strings attached". You're connecting your innermost self with someone else, and there's no attachment? Really? I find that strange.

Knowing what I know about myself, I know that I could never have pre-marital sex (even if I wanted to), it would make the relationship more intense...Which is why it's so hard for people (especially girls) to get over relationships when they go sour. I couldn't handle seeing my former boyfriend knowing what we did, I'd feel used.

I know marriage isn't guaranteed, but it's sometimes more a sure deal than just having a boyfriend/girlfriend.


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