June 25, 2011

Archive: The Day Michael Jackson Died

Ok, so I REALLY had to dig to find this one. *blows off dust*. When I was over on Myspace, I had this thing on my profile called "Thought of the Moment" or TOTM. It was a special section on my page dedicated for me to blog and post random stuff.

After my previous blog post, I remember posting something about Michael Jackson's death on my page the day he died and this is exactly it! My feelings, thoughts, emotions, everything at the moment is right here. I love reading stuff that was written years ago...Here it is:

Sorry it took me a while to update my page. I've been a lil busy bee lately. Anyway, my TOTM is about Michael Joseph Jackson. Pop legend that passed away a day after my birthday. I'll never forget it. Something told me that something big had happened in the world. You know like an intuition. I watched a few minutes of the news then got up and went to my computer. As soon as I got on MSN I saw that Michael Jackson had been rushed to the hospital. At first I just blew it off because I thought it was something minor that the press was being melodramatic about. A few minutes later I saw on Yahoo! that he had a cardiac arrest. I was like OMG because people who have a cardiac arrest usually don't survive unless they get attention within 2-3 minutes. So then I went on my favorite gossip site (The YBF) and it said he was in terrible condition. I still thought he'd live though. I refreshed the page less than 10 minutes later and I couldn't believe the words "Michael Jackson dead at age 50." I kept scrambling through all the credible news sites that I knew and it said the same thing on all of them. I was shocked, totally. I was a fan. I had his Thriller album plus some on my iPod and I loved it even though it was before my time, that's how great his music was. It didn't really hit me until about 2 days after he died I was listening to "Lady In My Life" and he said "And baby through the years, even when we're old and gray" I just started crying. He didn't even get a chance to be be old and gray. Watching all the videos of him just touched my heart, so many people loved him and now he's gone...There will NEVER be another. I couldn't listen to any of his songs without crying until after the BET awards (Which I wasn't very satisfied with). I kind of felt like it was closure, like a funeral and it made me feel better. What makes me mad about this whole situation ? Joe Jackson trying to promote himself (The day after MJ died Joe was smiling and laughing with the paparazzi), People are more concerned about the drama than the actual death of MJ (Trying to figure out how much money he had, how much debt he was in, how big of a custody fight there will be, etc.), and people saying "Oh I'm glad that child molester in dead!" (STFU. He was acquitted on all charges and even then we have no right to judge him. Only God can. No one will know the truth of the matter because people are dishonest especially for money). STOP THE MADNESS, PLEASE!



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