June 22, 2011

Can I Just...

...Fall in love for a moment?
I've been on this planet for nearly two decades and I've never been 'in love'.
Love doesn't make life better or easier, I know...
My life isn't bad or hard anyway.
But still I want to experience the heart fluttering, the butterflies,
Just THAT feeling.

And yes, I have adequate love from home. I have amazing love from my parents and family, but a parent's love is different from a significant other's love.

I know God is going to bring someone great into my life.
But when?
It's like standing in a desert, looking up at the sky, with your hands in the air,
waiting for rain.

I want that movie scene.
That scene where that guy who you've known since elementary school,
confesses his love for the girl and a romantic, upbeat, swanky instrumental
plays and life is just, magical.

God knows the kind of relationship I want and need, and I know he's 'Googling' through all the men in the world, and when I fall in love, he'll be the most perfect person who wants the same things I do.

Patience is a virtue...That I wish I had more of.


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