June 8, 2011

How to do a SIMPLE nail design

Hey! I got a few requests to do a video for the nail design I posted on Facebook and here it is! You're going to need to fast forward a little because it's in real time, no editing! It's only 12 minutes though! Here's the video, the steps are below the clip.

1. Apply base coat (NOT a clear polish! If you go nail polish shopping there are polishes called 'base coat').
-Allow to dry 2 minutes

2. Apply white polish
-Allow to dry 2-3 minutes

3. Apply SINFUL COLORS' 24/7 OR your own favorite color.
-Allow to dry 5 minutes or until completely dry.

4. Get out your thin nail paint brush (see video for better explanation)

5. Use SINFUL COLORS' Why Not OR your own favorite darker color. Stripe the nails carefully, make sure to do it in a 'flicking' motion, that helps with creating the zebra stripe. Regular lines makes it rather plain looking.
-Allow the design to dry 10 minutes or so.

6. Apply TOP COAT. Although this was not included in the video it is imperative that you apply a top coat! It seals the design in and prevents chipping. Invest in a good top coast and base coat, they're fundamental to increase the longevity of your nail designs.

Now, you're DONE! Questions, comments, concerns? Send emails and comments. :)


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