June 14, 2011

Lightning Bolt Earrings - For Sale

Hello all!

This morning I sold my first pair of lightning bolt earrings so I've decided to sell them to everyone. Pictures are below! I have pink and yellow BUT if you'd like a different color please request it. These are handmade by me and can be customized. I can also do two different colors per pair (Ex. One earring pink, one blue).

For a regular, one color pair: $5.00
For other customized pairs: $7.00

This is a STEAL! Designer Melody Ehsani first created these earrings and a pair of her lightning bolt earrings costs over $60.

**Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Melody Ehsani. These are a replica of her earrings. If you wish to buy the real thing, see her website: www.melodyehsani.com

1 comment:

  1. i want some pairs! I sent u an email bt i got no reply yet. How much would you charge to ship it to Florida? I want three pairs, one color. I want yellow, pink, and blue. I have a paypal acc. check your email for more of my information. My name is Eleksa...