June 25, 2011

Michael Jackson: Top 10 Favorite songs.

Michael Jackson has always been apart of my life. I remember being 3 years old, sitting in my booster seat in my dad's '83 Mercury Marquis. My parents were a young couple starting from the ground up, so my dad's car didn't have A/C, the lining on the ceiling was torn and pinned up with thumb tacks, and the leather seats were cracked and wrinkled all over showing the car's age. In order to roll down the windows, my dad had to pull them down by hand and every time you opened or closed the door it made a screeching creaking sound that could be heard from at least 10 feet away, it was just that worn down. Every time I went riding with my dad, he'd pull all the windows down and blast his music. I specifically remember one of his favorite songs being "P.Y.T" by Michael Jackson. Oh, he played that song until the cassette wore out. His Michael Jackson cassette was the newest thing in the entire car. At three years old, I knew all the lyrics to P.Y.T. and I thought my daddy was the coolest man ever because of that song.

His next favorite song was "Human Nature" by Michael Jackson. When I was a child, I hated that song. It was too slow and boring for me. At that age, I didn't understand the concept of a song having a meaning or purpose, I just liked the beat and rhythm. I'd always beg my dad to fast forward the tape when it came on.

Now that I'm older and wiser, I have my own favorite Michael Jackson songs. Initially, I wasn't an avid Michael Jackson fan. When I grew up, kids my age weren't listening to MJ, they were more into the whole rap and hip hop movement (This was in the mid-90's). So I tried to get into rap, but my mom didn't allow me and my brother to listen to rap because of the lyrics. Back then, I thought she was so lame for not letting us listen to rap, but now I'm kind of glad she did. I was exposed to a lot of R & B, including Michael Jackson and over the years he sort of grew on me. I never told my friends that I liked Michael Jackson, then I thought I'd be the lame one.

Now, I have a plethora of Michael Jackson songs on my iPod and I'm definitely not afraid to admit that I am a fan! I didn't discover my favorites until he died actually. After his death, I listened to all his songs on my iPod (I don't have every single song by him) in one night. I didn't sleep that whole night, I just listened. Some songs moved me, I cried, I laughed, I reminisced, and that's how I came up with my favorites. I don't know, I knew his songs but I didn't listen to them like I should have. Odd.

Anywho, here's my top 10 list:

1. Lady In My Life
2. Human Nature
3. The Way You Make Me Feel
4. Earth Song
5. Never Can Say Goodbye (w/ Jackson 5)
6. Thriller and They Don't Really Care About Us (tie)
7. Rock With You
8. Man In The Mirror
9. Off The Wall
10.I'll Be There (w/ Jackson 5)

Now, I could explain why I chose the ones I did, and why they're so special to me, but that would definitely be a 10 page essay in itself. Maybe later though!

I'll always remember Michael Jackson's untimely death, it happened the day after my 18th birthday. Tsk, tsk.

RIP Michael J. Jackson :)


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