June 5, 2011

The Movie That Made Me Cry [Review]

If you follow me on Twitter, you'd know that I tweeted about a movie that really made me cry this morning. I was literally bawling! It was so good and sweet, and had the elements of a good romantic comedy (I adore romantic comedies).

Although it was a romantic comedy, I took it more serious than anything. Maybe because I could definitely relate. It touched me because I could relate to the girl who played the main character's love interest. I saw me in that movie.

The movie I'm talking about is...

Shallow Hal.

If you've ever seen Shallow Hal the last thing you'd think of is someone crying at the end of it...But I did!

[Spoiler Alert]

Shallow Hal is about a guy who only dates girls that are young, attractive, and sexy. They had to have the perfect face and body in order for him to show even the slightest interest in them. Although he wasn't very cute nor did he have a killer body, he still wanted to date girls who were perfect. His perception of women came from his father, who on his death bed made Hal promise to always date young and sexy women and throughout his lifetime he tried to do just that.

Everything changes when he meets Tony Robins on an elevator. The elevator gets stuck, and while they're stuck there, Hal explains his problems with women. He doesn't get why he can't have a long lasting relationship with a perfect girl. After some talking, Robins suggests to Hal a solution -- Hypnosis. Hal agrees and is hypnotized by Robins to see the inner beauty of people instead of the outward appearance. Once the elevator begins working again Robins and Hal split. Suddenly Hal sees the beauty in all of the people who were once unattractive to him, and most other people, too.

Hal seems to think that now all the young and sexy women want him, but in reality the women who he sees as sexy and perfect are the complete opposite to society. Then he meets Rosemary, a girl he sees walking down the street. To him she's thin, blonde, and sexy while in reality she's really overweight and has a self confidence level in the negatives. Hal calls her beautiful, radiant, attractive, etc. all the words she's never heard before. Rosemary thinks he's being a jerk and making fun of her, but he really sees a beautiful person.

After he convinces her to go out on a date with him, she's still reluctant to believe that he finds her attractive. People stare at her, laugh at her, and chairs break whenever she sits, but he still sees only beauty and can't understand why other people don't see it as well.

After a while they become a couple, then intimate. Hal's friend can't stand to watch him embarrass himself being seen with a girl like Rosemary, so he gets in contact with Tony Robins, again, and makes him De-Hypnotize him. Once he does, Hal sees Rosemary for what she really looks like and she's nothing like she was, appearance-wise. Everyone who he thought was beautiful, wasn't beautiful. Even though he loved Rosemary and thought she had a great personality, he still couldn't seem to get over her appearance. He avoids seeing and talking to her until he can sort out his feelings.

He goes on a date with his neighbor who he had been trying to date for months. Rosemary spot them at a restaurant and is crushed, so crushed that she takes a job with the Peace Corps for 14 months, to get out of town.

Hal finally realizes that he loves Rosemary and can't live without her no matter what she looks like. He loves her for her, and lets her know it. They make up and he vows to never hurt her again.

There's so much more to the story than that, it's just a snippet of the main storyline but there's other characters and things that make it sooo good! I love this movie because being a bigger person, I know what it's like to not believe a guy when he gives me a compliment.

Although most people feel good when they receive compliments, sometimes they can be insulting, especially if you're not what society calls "beautiful". Throughout the movie Rosemary was scared because she couldn't understand why Hal kept calling her beautiful and sexy when [according to society's standards] she wasn't. I'm like that too, which is why I'm afraid of relationships, I turn down a lot of people because of my fear...The fear that the joke will be on me in the end.

I remember like a year or so ago, this guy came to my job and he said, "Wow, you caught my eye from across the room. You're really, really beautiful." I kind of stared at him like ARE YOU FREAKING BLIND? This was when my confidence level was at -100. I thanked him and just wanted him to go away. He kept smiling and talking, eventually asking for my number. I told him no, and that I wasn't looking for a relationship.He looked pretty sad when he walked away, and I felt sorry for him but I just didn't believe that he saw me as beautiful. Thank God, I'm [a lot] more confident than I was, but I still don't think I'm ready for a relationship.

It would be nice if Tony Robins could hypnotize everyone, so that we'd all just see everyone's inner beauty.


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