July 31, 2011

THAT Video...From 5th Grade

Do you remember that video? The video that we needed a signed permission slip to watch? It was supposed to teach us about health said the permission slip. It must've been written in code, because my mama knew exactly what kind of "health" video they were talking about.

The morning before the scheduled showing of the video, she told me to watch the video carefully and if I had concerns, talk to her about it. I thought it was no big deal, it's just PE on TV. My friends and I initially thought the video was about eating healthy and exercising but to our dismay it was much deeper than that.

A couple hours before recess, the girls were separated from the boys, and we all huddled up in the library, gathered around the TV, waiting for the movie to start. It was about our bodies, periods, pads, panty liners, tampons, and reproduction (where babies come from) and all the icky stuff. I was fascinated by it but a lot of girls were grossed out. Some fell asleep. After the movie, we were all released back to our classes. The boys followed right behind us, their movie was probably from the same production company, only with boy issues rather than girl issues.

It was as if we were sworn to secrecy because NO ONE talked about it. Everyone just kind of moved on with life. Personally, I was excited and wanted to talk about it and discuss it like a book club or something. I was excited! I learned so much, and I was ready to experience the fun moment of getting my period!

As informative as it was, it was a HUGE lie (minus the parts about where babies come from, of course). I watched the video two years in a row (4th and 5th grade). The videos were similar but not identical and told the same lies and I attended to two separate schools my 4th and 5th grade years. Yes it does hurt, yes you do feel it, no it's not fun and interesting. Looking back on it, I think I would've been so much better off by not watching the video. It was such a lie, and once "that time of the month" came along, I was more depressed and scared than excited and happy. I hope they don't show this same video nowadays, hopefully they present a more realistic video with real girls and not actresses or cartoons and none of that snazzy yet corny music. It could be a reason why so many girls are having kids at younger ages, those movies don't captivate most kids, and they nor their parents take it seriously. It's a catastrophe waiting to happen.

July 27, 2011

Sex Before Marriage [Opinion]

I was watching one of my favorite channels on YouTube: SoberMadnessTV and came with the idea to blog about this topic. The channel is owned by a lesbian couple and they post videos about various topics and adventures that that they tackle. Several weeks ago, one of their subscribers asked them what they thought about having sex before marriage. Here's their response:

I actually agree with some of the things that were said. I love this video because they're so honest and open about it and it's always great to listen to other people's opinion.

First off, my parents always told me to wait for marriage. I never got an explanation of why, I was just told wait until after your married, and that's that. When I was a teenager, thinking about sex like every other teenager was I said "Wait, why am I waiting for marriage? Why should I have to wait? Everyone is doing it, but I'm waiting for marriage, just because." I had to do some soul searching. Should I really wait for marriage just because my parents told me to, or should I just do it because it seems so fun and so easy.

I think before you decide if you want to have sex before marriage, you HAVE to know yourself, your heart, your mind, your body, everything. In my teens I learned a lot about myself. I figured out that I was a hopeless romantic. I loved fairy tales and happily ever after endings. I knew every romantic comedy released within the past decade. I figured out that I'm overly emotional, and my feelings are hurt easily. I knew that when I give, I give my all. I could be very insecure with myself but I was not a follower. By the time I was 17, I decided that I HAD to wait for marriage simply because of who I am.

I know in my heart that I will never be able to have such an intimate moment with someone I'm not married to. It's the right thing for me. As stated above in the video, it really depends on the person. I can't be intimate with someone who I'm not already in love with. I just picture myself in that after glow stage, and the guy that I'm with rolling over, turning his back to me and saying "Good job, thanks". I'm such an emotional person, a situation like that would kill me, I know it would. Having sex before falling in love is backwards to me. Like I said, when I give, I give my all. What if I put my all into this relationship, being intimate with this person and whatnot and in the end he still doesn't love me? It's like working and not sure if you're going to get paid at the end of the week.

In the video one of the girls said that a relationship won't last unless both people are 'sexually compatible'. While I think this is absurd, I know that LOTS of people think like this, in fact most people my age probably think this way and it scares me. Because I'm not having sex before marriage, I won't find a good loving relationship with someone? I think if you truly love someone for their personality and you accept what they look like, then why can't you wait until marriage to have sex? I just want to find that one man who agrees with me and sees things the way I see them. Regular people without these beliefs have a hard time finding a soul mate, just imagine how hard it's going to be for me...

I also feel that if you give your all in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, what's to look forward to in marriage? I'm not saying people should get married just to have sex, but if you get everything in the standard package, why would you need to upgrade to the premium package?

So, anywho it really depends on the person when it comes to sex before marriage. If you're a person who's not easily attached to someone and can deal with the fact that the person you're sleeping with may not love you in return, then maybe sex before marriage is your thing...But no one likes heartbreak. I'm glad my parents told me to wait before marriage. Inadvertently, they made me figure it for myself. They never told me to wait for marriage because it's in the bible and if you have sex before marriage you're Satan's child, or anything like that. My belief in God and the Bible also plays a part in why I'm not having sex before marriage, but knowing myself is what made me stand firm on waiting until marriage. There are TONS of Christians that believe in God and the Bible and still have sex before marriage, so sometimes that's not always enough.

If you don't know yourself and you don't know why you're waiting for marriage, it's going to be easy for someone to come along and persuade you to change your mind because you're going to be like I was "I don't know why I'm waiting...And since everyone else is doing it and it looks fun and easy, why not?". Then you may regret doing it. So, know yourself, your mind, your heart, your body, and everything will fall into place. With that being said, I don't think anyone between the ages of 13-16 should be sexually active, no one knows themselves at that age. Sex is EASY but the emotions behind it are hard and sometimes devastating, so think before you stroke it. Lol.

July 24, 2011

July 23, 2011

Amy Winehouse - Back to Black

It's only been 20 minutes since I learned that Amy Winehouse died. I've never really cried over a celebrity, but this time it's different. When you listen to someone's music you feel like you know them, you feel like you're apart of them, and that's how it was with Amy Winehouse. Now she's gone, at age 27. A modern-day Janis Joplin. So much talent and soul such a beautiful artist...But somehow I knew this would happen. I don't know why I'm so shocked. When someone dies, I always think I'm in a dream. For some reason, I never believe it's true, it always takes a few days to settle in. I always think in a couple days, someone's going to say that they're not really dead it was just a sick joke. When reality sets in, it always hits me hard. Even though I know Amy Winehouse is dead, I still don't think she is. In my mind I'm still waiting on her next album. When it really hits me, I hope I'm prepared.

If you know me, you know that my all time favorite album is Back to Black by Amy Winehouse. I remember when I first discovered her on VH1. She was a "You Oughta know" artist. Her first video Rehab came on and I was instantly captivated. She was so different, and her sound was like nothing I'd heard before. When Back to Black came out, I was reluctant to buy it...Would I really like it? I hated buying albums and being disappointed but I was far from disappointed when I heard it. I LOVE every single song on the album, every word, every sound, ALL of it and I still do, I'll always love Amy Winehouse.

I know for the past few years she's been going through some problems. When Rehab came out everyone put her down and said she was just a drug addicted alcoholic. If you really listen to the song it wasn't really about just denying rehab she had her reasons. She said she wouldn't end up like Mr. Hathaway (Donny Hathaway who committed suicide) and I believed she wouldn't...

A few months ago she announced that she was making a comeback. She started a tour in Europe, and was working on a new album. I was so excited, I couldn't wait for another dose of Winehouse. I was optimistic until I read an article about one of her concerts. At her last concert, the crowd of "fans" booed her and threw things at her. That really, really, really upset me. I know that you spend good money on concerts but a true fan would not have done that, I would not have! Just to be in the vicinity of Amy Winehouse would've been enough for me. They said she forgot lyrics and stumbled on stage. A real crowd of true fans would've helped her get through it and sang along with her, filling in the gaps. After that, I just had this feeling. As an artist it hurts your heart and soul when your supposed fans boo you. I know she must've felt tormented. I wonder how those fans feel now? Not only that, she was constantly criticized by the media even when she did try, in the media's eyes she still failed. Even now that she's dead, the media is highlighting her troubles, NOT her music. Her music is what she poured her heart and soul into. Her music was flawless unlike her life...But a good article about a great artist doesn't sell does it?

There will never, ever be another Amy Winehouse...And I can deal with that fact.

July 21, 2011

Missed Connection

I was talking to my friend who I'd told this to and she reminded me of the guy that I hit with my car. I think this was one of the most interesting experiences ever.

This was a while ago, like last summer but I remember it like it was yesterday. I pulled up in front of the Home Depot. I was making a quick run for my daddy who needed some propane since our tank was empty. I quickly got out and went to the automated exchange your propane tank kiosk. Hoping to be done in 5 minutes. It took me 20 minutes to get the stupid machine to accept my credit card (the sales associates were everything except helpful). After 30 minutes of being frustrated and hot due to the heat of the day, I finally exchanged the tank and put the new one in my trunk. I was sweating, angry, and annoyed when I got into the car and shut my door. While mumbling obscenities to myself directed toward the very lazy employees, out of the corner of my eye it seemed as if the heavens opened up, God released the most beautiful angel on earth. I quickly turned to get a full view, and there he was.

I'm always pretty aware of my surroundings but this guy really came out of nowhere. I stared at him but I tried to not be so obvious. He wore a muscle shirt that exposed his chiseled arms, and his body glistened in the sun. He was tall (around 5ft10 to 6ft ) and light skinned, African American. A resemblance to Vin Diesel in fact, but much younger maybe mid 20's. I looked away, I didn't want to be rude. He must've been reading my mind, because as he passed up my car all of sudden he fell on the hood of my car. I could've died, and my facial expression showed it. Even though the car was in park, I thought I hit him! I rolled down my window and he said "Oh man, you hit me!" he was laughing and smiling so obviously he was joking. I relaxed a tad but I was so nervous I couldn't think of anything witty to say in response. I laughed and blushed and said something stupid, but still he laughed with me and kept walking, smiling as he walked away. I acted like such a teen. I was so embarrassed that I was being so lame and that I was sweating and that my hair was frizzy from the humidity, I was about to just speed away until I got a phone call. I took the call and a couple minutes later he came out, apparently he went to the vending machine for a Powerade. As he walked out, he was still eying me and smiled. I wanted to say something but the call was important. Just as fast as he appeared he disappeared at the same rate. I didn't see what kind of car he drove, because I pulled off as he was headed to his car.

I just thought that moment was nice...Maybe he was just being nice, and noticed how much crap I had to put with regarding the machine. Who knows. I haven't seen him since, nor have I seen anyone that looks like him. He didn't even look like a person from Baton Rouge. There was something about the way he looked that made him stand out. When I saw him, everyone else disappeared. I'd love to thank him for brightening my day! I'd love to hit him again one day :)

July 18, 2011

How to do a simple nail design [three]

Corset nail design. Everything should be explained in the video. Still have questions? Shoot me an email or leave a comment. Enjoy! Oh, and if you decide to try this design, send me a picture of it! I'd love to see it!

Materials [explained in detail in the video]:
1. Base coat
2. White polish
3. light/pastel Minty green color polish
4. Glitter polish
5. Black polish with thin brush

July 14, 2011

When I Have Kids...

If you know me, you'd know that I've been against having children for years now. I think kids are cute but they're extremely hard work. Not only the diaper changing, feeding, clothing, bathing, etc. but it's another life that you're going to responsible for until you die. Whatever this baby becomes in life, you're going to be blamed for it, good or bad. Honestly, that scares me. Combined with this and other personal reasons, I decided to not have kids.

I already told my mother to not expect grandchildren - at least not from me, maybe my brother will have some soon. At first my mother played along with me and respected my decision but as I got older, I continued to stick to my word, no kids for Nicollette, ever. Until my mind was changed for me a few months ago.

Now, I don't want to sound all weird and crazy. The moment that I'm about to explain was very profound and spoke volumes, it was a beautiful spiritual moment and it will forever be a moment that'll be embedded in my memory.

I was sitting in class taking notes, half paying attention and half in La La Land. As the teacher was lecturing, suddenly the thought of having a child came to mind. I shook it off and said in my head "Nope, I'm still not having kids." then suddenly I heard a voice. It wasn't my voice, it was a deep, monotone voice. I know it wasn't anyone in the class because there were only three guys in the class and they sat closer toward the back while I sat at the very front. Honestly, before that moment I had never heard that voice that people always speak about. The voice of God. I never expected to hear it at that moment.

He said in a statement "You're going to have a son. You will have a little boy." I didn't question the voice, I just knew who it was, I didn't even argue it. He said it like a stern parent would, you don't argue, just accept it. A few minutes later class ended and I was still dumbfounded. I kept thinking about it, I don't know if I was more shocked or scared. Shocked that I heard the voice and scared because my destiny has already been decided, there's a child already in my future.

Nothing else was revealed to me, but I've had a lot of time to dwell on it. If God will grant me a child, I'll love it with all my heart because not everyone CAN have kids, so I'm tremendously blessed. When I do have kids or a child, I'm going to tell him this story, just to let him know that God had him in the works for years especially for me.

I love my unborn child(ren) already although, I'm not having kids until I'm in love and married. Which may take a while, at the rate that I'm going.


July 12, 2011

Who should play Aretha Franklin in a Biopic?

I heard a few months ago, that there's been talk about a movie based on Aretha Franklin's life and music. It would be something like Dorothy Dandridge, What's Love Got To Do With It, etc. Three actresses are being considered for the once in a lifetime role of Aretha Franklin, they are: Halle Berry, Fantasia, and Jennifer Hudson. Who should be selected for such an honor? Who would portray Ms. Franklin as she should be portrayed?

Jennifer Hudson - J-Hud is an AMAZING singer. She definitely has the voice but does she really have the acting talent? Hudson only has one big movie under her belt, which she did very well in, but after watching her latest music video, she didn't have that actress flair. She seemed awkward and she had an annoying attitude through out the entire video. I know this is only one example, but for an Oscar winner, I expected more.

Halle Berry - First of all, I love Halle Berry. She's such a great, amazing, and talented actress, any producer would be crazy to turn her away. But, unlike J-Hud, Berry can't sing. I personally think the best Biopic movies were with leading actresses/actors who could not sing. For example, What's Love Got to Do With It. Angela Bassett could not sing but her performance was untouchable and flawless. I think it makes it more real, and interesting. Hearing someone else sing the songs takes away from it. Although Why Do Fools Fall In Love was not a Biopic, it did highlight the life of a real singer. Larenz Tate, a non-singer, played Frankie Lymon, who was a singer in the '50s and '60s and did an amazing job...So maybe not being able sing isn't such a big disadvantage.

Fantasia - Fantasia is a really soulful singer, which would coincide with Aretha being called "The Queen of Soul". I think her singing style is somewhat similar to Aretha Franklin's, but Fantasia cannot act. I do think that Fantasia has a 'down home' kind of image. I think if she were a much better actress she could possibly pull it off. She did a show on Broadway a couple years back and maybe she's improved since her biographical Lifetime movie Life is Not a Fairytale. I think Fantasia would play a good young Aretha Franklin (teens, early twenties), but not an older, complex Aretha.

With all this being said, who do I think should play Aretha Franklin in a Biopic? Well...I'd have to say Halle Berry! She's an amazing actress and in my opinion the J-Hud and Fantasia wouldn't be as great. I really wouldn't mind seeing any of them play the role, but I'd prefer to see it go to Halle!


July 11, 2011

Songs That Describe Me - Two

I am so late. I just discovered perhaps one song that describes what I need in a relationship perfectly, yet it was released nearly two years ago. It's called "Crawl" by Chris Brown [video below].

I heard it a couple days ago and I've been in love with it since, because it describes me and how I want, no NEED, my future relationship(s) to be. I don't want to rush love, I don't want to jump in a relationship just to say I did, I want to crawl with someone, I need to crawl otherwise it won't work for me or us. In the song Chris talks about how he moved too slow and inadvertently pushed away his true love. He says that everyone saw that she was the one except him and he was just so busy wanting to be in a relationship but not really knowing exactly what he had. He had a diamond, but he treated her more like a rhinestone. He did love her, but not as much as he should have.

Apparently, the relationship ended and now they're both scared to get back together again. She's scared that he isn't going to take their relationship as serious as he should, and he's scared because he has to learn how to love her the way she needs to be love, amongst other fears and doubts. He has to learn how to be in love, how to give up the single life and be in a good, solid, loving relationship. He has to take the 'baby steps' with her until they're both ready to progress and walk. Then run. Then jump. Then fly. Each time they jump over another hurdle, hopefully the stronger their love for each other will grow mutually.

I think that's the problem with relationships today, everyone is in a rush to be in love or in a relationship yet, hardly anyone knows what they want/need in a relationship. Some people want to be in a relationship but still live a single person's life. Some people want to get married, have kids, a dog, and a white picket fence after a week or two of dating. We're all guilty of being too rushy, or too careless when it comes to relationships at one time or another. You have to step back and reanalyze the whole relationship and find where things went awry. Sometimes there are things in relationships we want but don't need or need and don't have and it's crucial to have a balance in what you need and what you want (with more weight on the 'need' side).

I love this song so much and I really hope whenever I decide to get into a relationship, he'll crawl with me, and we'll crawl together until either our legs break (personification of our relationship falling apart/us breaking up)or until we're flying.


July 10, 2011

What Christians SHOULD Think of Homosexuals

I've thought about this for a long time, but it really hit me when I took my Theology class last semester. I've been a Christian all my life, and generally I know how to approach a lot of situations the Christian way but the topic of Gays/Lesbians/Bi-sexuals is soo touchy.

I remember being 10 or 11 and my mother was talking to this elderly lady that lived a few blocks away. She kept preaching about how it was a terrible sin to be a Gay person, and how they will all 'burn'. I instantly thought "Well since they are such bad people, should we treat them different?". The lady was like a grandmother to me, so saying anything was out of the question. Everything she said was instantly declared a law. No house or senate vote necessary. My mother didn't say anything either, she just listened and smiled politely.

I didn't question my mother, but I pondered about what the old lady said. I know I wasn't raised to treat people mean or different because of their race, religion, or sexual orientation so even though I was convinced that Gays were evil and sinners I vowed to myself to not treat them different. Before, I never had to even think about how to treat a Gay person, and I wasn't going to change my ways. I think my mother knew that she raised me well enough, so she didn't have to talk to me about it...But since then, I've always wondered, as a Christian, what should I think of Gays?

More recently, I was talking to a friend who is deeply spiritual, and some kind of way we ended up talking about Gays and I decided to ask about her honest opinion of Gays. She said in nutshell that as Christians we should accept them as people, but their sexuality is a demon that we should not welcome. We accept them in our lives, to CHANGE them, to make them aware that there is a demon inside of them, and in order to be cleansed of the demon they must join the church and become heterosexual. If they do not want to change, they are no longer welcomed in our lives.

Very interesting idea I thought...But it still didn't seem like a good way to me. I don't know why, but it disturbed me, I really needed an answer that satisfied my heart and soul and what she said didn't. A few days later, I went to my Theology class (I only took it once a week) and I don't know if it was a message from God, but my professor spoke of the same thing that bothered me only a few days prior. Since her message, I FINALLY get it.

As Christians, we should think nothing more or less of Gay people just because of their sexual orientation. As followers of Jesus, we should have an open and welcoming heart to ALL people. We should show hospitality and kindness to all that we encounter, no matter who they may be. Jesus during his time, closely affiliated with the people who were looked down upon. He feasted and partied with sinners, the sick, the lame, and even women (who were considered almost less than dust at that time) and Jesus is/was the Messiah, the chosen one by God. Judging people is just as much of a sin as lying or adultery because it takes away from the love in our hearts. You can't show love and hospitality to someone that you're constantly judging.

So, all of the Christians who judge and look down upon the people who are Gay/Lesbian/Bi-sexual don't have clean hands, they are sinners as well. You don't become friends with someone to change them. Basically that's lying, and leading a person on. If you only become friends with someone to change them, that's still judging them and it's mean. It's like becoming friends with someone and saying "Hey, you know you're just a bit too fat for me to be friends with you, you should really lose weight. Do you want to workout with me?". If that person didn't come to you for help, MAYBE just MAYBE they're happy with who they are.


July 8, 2011

Casey Anthony Trial Reaction

Hey guys, I thought I should chime in on this whole Casey Anthony Trial fiasco. As you all probably know, After a month long trial, Casey Anthony was found not guilty in regards to the death of her daughter Caylee Anthony. As soon as the verdict was delivered by the anonymous juror, the world was in uproar, everyone from farmers to A-list celebrities cried that a murderer has escaped once again (In reference to the infamous OJ Simpson trial).

Well, since everyone feels the need to put in their own reactions, I thought I should post mine. I've had a couple days to think on it and just take in everything that's been going on. Unlike most bloggers, I wanted to have a clear mind when I approached this matter.

Initially when I first heard about all the details of the case, there was absolutely NO doubt in my mind that Casey knew how her daughter was killed. I don't think she did the act herself, but I do think she knows a lot more than what she's saying. Now that the trial is over, and everything is said and done, do I feel that she had anything to do with Caylee's death?

One point that people keep emphasizing is the fact that Casey waited one whole month (thirty days) to report that her daughter was missing and while her daughter was missing, she partied non-stop. Does this make her a killer? Or does this make her an irresponsible, careless, and unfit parent? Just because Casey was a bad parent and made bad decisions, doesn't make her a murderer. There are thousands upon thousands of unfit parents in the United States, yet most of them don't go out and kill their child(ren).

After the verdict was announced, there were people in tears, screaming that there has been no justice for Caylee. I feel that it is a sad case that Caylee is dead and her killer is still out on the loose...But how do we know for a FACT that Casey killed her? No one knows, no one truly knows.

Thirdly, everyone wants to say how stupid the jurors were and evil the defense team (Casey's lawyers) is for defending a murderer. Well, unless you're in their shoes, you can't understand the kind of pressure they were under during those ten hours of deliberation. If anyone should be blamed, It should be the prosecution. I have a feeling that the jurors thought she was involved in some way BUT to take someone's life is a big decision. Especially when there was no hardcore evidence pointing the finger directly at Casey. Most of the prosecution's case was built on circumstantial evidence. The prosecution ONLY sought the death penalty. Not life, not several years, but death was the only option. If the prosecution had put out another option, I believe things would be very different.

Lastly, I'm so sick and tired of seeing and hearing people saying "Casey is going to become famous, get a book deal, a reality show, and make millions." It's simple. If no one buys her book or watches her reality show, she won't be famous. Publishers want people who can bring them money, if Casey doesn't do it, she'll be dropped. Television shows seek ratings, and if the ratings are low, she'll be dropped from television as well. Although, I know we live in a society where media rules, and still people are going to flock to the shelves to buy her book and miss a day of work just to see the premiere of her reality show. Tsk, tsk. Casey Anthony will only become what we let her become. So stop whining about it and just ignore her until she fades away like most infamous people do. The judge, however, should've ruled to make any revenue she may receive from the notoriety of the case, property of the court so she won't make any financial gain from the case. But I am only a citizen, not a judge.

All in all, I do still stand by my idea that Casey Anthony had something to do with her daughter's death. I think the prosecution should've sought a lesser charge instead of going straight for the death penalty. Now that the trial is over the only thing I'd like to hear about Casey Anthony is maybe a retrial in the future. I don't know 100% if she had anything to do with Caylee's death, none of us do, only God knows.

July 5, 2011

How To Do a Simple Nail Design [Two]

These nails are really easy and cute. A quick, less than an hour design if you want something cute for the day or week! They are candy cane nails! The thought of candy canes always makes me think of that refreshing, tingly feeling you get when you bite into a candy cane. YUMMY! :)

Products needed:
[You can use whatever you have if you don't have exactly what I used!]

Base Coat (I used LA Colors Strengthener/Hardener)
Red polish (I used Sinful Colors - GoGo Girl #852)
Glitter polish (OPTIONAL. I used KleanColor - Silver Glitter #27)
White polish with an ULTRA thin brush (I used Kiss Nail Art Paint BUT LA Colors has a line of thin-brush polishes. It's the Art Deco line. LA colors is a lot cheaper and can be found at local dollar stores.)
Top Coat (I used LA Colors - Top Coat)

*You don't have to go out and buy these all at once. It can be pretty expensive. All of these polishes alone will cost around $20 if you do want exactly what I used. Also, I didn't go out and buy these, they were already in my stockpile.


Estimated time (including drying): < 60 minutes

1. Apply BASE Coat.
[Allow to dry 2-3 minutes]

2. Paint nails RED. Allow to dry a tad. After one minute apply another coat.
[Let dry for 5 minutes]

3. Apply a coat of glitter polish. (OPTIONAL)
[Let dry for 7-10 minutes]

4. With the WHITE striper polish, paint two thick lines across your nail diagonally, Like a candy cane. Next, make a super thin line below each of the two thick lines. Add thin or thick stripes as you see fit, but generally each nail should have about 4 lines total. See picture above.[Let dry for 15 minutes]

5. Apply top coast to protect and prolong the longevity of the design.
[Allow to dry until they are completely dried about 15 minutes]

Now you're done! If you'd like to see a video on exactly how to do the design, leave me a comment or shoot me an email. I have a video but wasn't sure if you'd all like it or not. If you have a request, let me know as well.

Good luck! :)

July 1, 2011

At What Age Should We Settle Down?

Is there really a certain age that we should settle down?

I was at work last week and a girl came up to the desk. She was nice, friendly, and talkative. She started saying something about how she just wants to have fun right now, because she's way too young to settle down. I don't know maybe she thought I was older, and felt the need to confide in me, or maybe she needed someone to reassure her ideology. Either way, I didn't respond negatively or positively. I just nodded and smiled. I know she was over 18, but she didn't look over 21. She was my age basically.

This isn't the first time I've heard this, people say it all the time. "I just want to have fun and enjoy life right now, no strings attached." there are even movies based on this same concept. Two young people who are friends with benefits, or who are in a no strings attached sort of thing. Within the past few months, two movies have been released about just that. It must be a common trend amongst the young, unfortunately. The endings are always sweet and romantic, as the two people realize they're in love with each other and live happily ever after. I don't want to have to have random casual sex to find love (it upsets me even more that the media promotes the whole idea that you can't find love without sex, which is only partially true in reality but anyway that's another blog for another day).

Honestly, if the right person came along in my life now, I'd 'settle down'. I mean, why postpone a great future, just because you're young? Do you just have several random flings and short relationships while you're in your 20's and then start to look for serious love in your 30's? I think finding a true love is so much more fulfilling and amazing than several flings. If you love someone deeply, you won't have to pick up someone from the club every weekend.

I do understand that sometimes while we're young, we aren't ready for a serious relationship, because some of us aren't mature...But how do you know if you're not ready for a serious relationship if you've never tried to establish one?

I had a friend who broke up with her boyfriend because she said he was getting too serious. I was blown away, you have a nice guy who's willing to get serious with you, but you throw it all away. Looking back on it now, maybe she was right and I was wrong. If she would've stayed in that relationship, she would never be satisfied with him, because the feeling HAS to be mutual otherwise it's pointless. She did him a favor.

So still, what age should we settle down? Is looking for love now (As I'm in my early 20's) pointless? Since mostly everyone wants to 'have fun' with 'no strings attached'? I guess it's just another factor with love. You just have to be REALLY, REALLY lucky and blessed to find exactly who you're looking for.