July 23, 2011

Amy Winehouse - Back to Black

It's only been 20 minutes since I learned that Amy Winehouse died. I've never really cried over a celebrity, but this time it's different. When you listen to someone's music you feel like you know them, you feel like you're apart of them, and that's how it was with Amy Winehouse. Now she's gone, at age 27. A modern-day Janis Joplin. So much talent and soul such a beautiful artist...But somehow I knew this would happen. I don't know why I'm so shocked. When someone dies, I always think I'm in a dream. For some reason, I never believe it's true, it always takes a few days to settle in. I always think in a couple days, someone's going to say that they're not really dead it was just a sick joke. When reality sets in, it always hits me hard. Even though I know Amy Winehouse is dead, I still don't think she is. In my mind I'm still waiting on her next album. When it really hits me, I hope I'm prepared.

If you know me, you know that my all time favorite album is Back to Black by Amy Winehouse. I remember when I first discovered her on VH1. She was a "You Oughta know" artist. Her first video Rehab came on and I was instantly captivated. She was so different, and her sound was like nothing I'd heard before. When Back to Black came out, I was reluctant to buy it...Would I really like it? I hated buying albums and being disappointed but I was far from disappointed when I heard it. I LOVE every single song on the album, every word, every sound, ALL of it and I still do, I'll always love Amy Winehouse.

I know for the past few years she's been going through some problems. When Rehab came out everyone put her down and said she was just a drug addicted alcoholic. If you really listen to the song it wasn't really about just denying rehab she had her reasons. She said she wouldn't end up like Mr. Hathaway (Donny Hathaway who committed suicide) and I believed she wouldn't...

A few months ago she announced that she was making a comeback. She started a tour in Europe, and was working on a new album. I was so excited, I couldn't wait for another dose of Winehouse. I was optimistic until I read an article about one of her concerts. At her last concert, the crowd of "fans" booed her and threw things at her. That really, really, really upset me. I know that you spend good money on concerts but a true fan would not have done that, I would not have! Just to be in the vicinity of Amy Winehouse would've been enough for me. They said she forgot lyrics and stumbled on stage. A real crowd of true fans would've helped her get through it and sang along with her, filling in the gaps. After that, I just had this feeling. As an artist it hurts your heart and soul when your supposed fans boo you. I know she must've felt tormented. I wonder how those fans feel now? Not only that, she was constantly criticized by the media even when she did try, in the media's eyes she still failed. Even now that she's dead, the media is highlighting her troubles, NOT her music. Her music is what she poured her heart and soul into. Her music was flawless unlike her life...But a good article about a great artist doesn't sell does it?

There will never, ever be another Amy Winehouse...And I can deal with that fact.


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