July 1, 2011

At What Age Should We Settle Down?

Is there really a certain age that we should settle down?

I was at work last week and a girl came up to the desk. She was nice, friendly, and talkative. She started saying something about how she just wants to have fun right now, because she's way too young to settle down. I don't know maybe she thought I was older, and felt the need to confide in me, or maybe she needed someone to reassure her ideology. Either way, I didn't respond negatively or positively. I just nodded and smiled. I know she was over 18, but she didn't look over 21. She was my age basically.

This isn't the first time I've heard this, people say it all the time. "I just want to have fun and enjoy life right now, no strings attached." there are even movies based on this same concept. Two young people who are friends with benefits, or who are in a no strings attached sort of thing. Within the past few months, two movies have been released about just that. It must be a common trend amongst the young, unfortunately. The endings are always sweet and romantic, as the two people realize they're in love with each other and live happily ever after. I don't want to have to have random casual sex to find love (it upsets me even more that the media promotes the whole idea that you can't find love without sex, which is only partially true in reality but anyway that's another blog for another day).

Honestly, if the right person came along in my life now, I'd 'settle down'. I mean, why postpone a great future, just because you're young? Do you just have several random flings and short relationships while you're in your 20's and then start to look for serious love in your 30's? I think finding a true love is so much more fulfilling and amazing than several flings. If you love someone deeply, you won't have to pick up someone from the club every weekend.

I do understand that sometimes while we're young, we aren't ready for a serious relationship, because some of us aren't mature...But how do you know if you're not ready for a serious relationship if you've never tried to establish one?

I had a friend who broke up with her boyfriend because she said he was getting too serious. I was blown away, you have a nice guy who's willing to get serious with you, but you throw it all away. Looking back on it now, maybe she was right and I was wrong. If she would've stayed in that relationship, she would never be satisfied with him, because the feeling HAS to be mutual otherwise it's pointless. She did him a favor.

So still, what age should we settle down? Is looking for love now (As I'm in my early 20's) pointless? Since mostly everyone wants to 'have fun' with 'no strings attached'? I guess it's just another factor with love. You just have to be REALLY, REALLY lucky and blessed to find exactly who you're looking for.


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