July 8, 2011

Casey Anthony Trial Reaction

Hey guys, I thought I should chime in on this whole Casey Anthony Trial fiasco. As you all probably know, After a month long trial, Casey Anthony was found not guilty in regards to the death of her daughter Caylee Anthony. As soon as the verdict was delivered by the anonymous juror, the world was in uproar, everyone from farmers to A-list celebrities cried that a murderer has escaped once again (In reference to the infamous OJ Simpson trial).

Well, since everyone feels the need to put in their own reactions, I thought I should post mine. I've had a couple days to think on it and just take in everything that's been going on. Unlike most bloggers, I wanted to have a clear mind when I approached this matter.

Initially when I first heard about all the details of the case, there was absolutely NO doubt in my mind that Casey knew how her daughter was killed. I don't think she did the act herself, but I do think she knows a lot more than what she's saying. Now that the trial is over, and everything is said and done, do I feel that she had anything to do with Caylee's death?

One point that people keep emphasizing is the fact that Casey waited one whole month (thirty days) to report that her daughter was missing and while her daughter was missing, she partied non-stop. Does this make her a killer? Or does this make her an irresponsible, careless, and unfit parent? Just because Casey was a bad parent and made bad decisions, doesn't make her a murderer. There are thousands upon thousands of unfit parents in the United States, yet most of them don't go out and kill their child(ren).

After the verdict was announced, there were people in tears, screaming that there has been no justice for Caylee. I feel that it is a sad case that Caylee is dead and her killer is still out on the loose...But how do we know for a FACT that Casey killed her? No one knows, no one truly knows.

Thirdly, everyone wants to say how stupid the jurors were and evil the defense team (Casey's lawyers) is for defending a murderer. Well, unless you're in their shoes, you can't understand the kind of pressure they were under during those ten hours of deliberation. If anyone should be blamed, It should be the prosecution. I have a feeling that the jurors thought she was involved in some way BUT to take someone's life is a big decision. Especially when there was no hardcore evidence pointing the finger directly at Casey. Most of the prosecution's case was built on circumstantial evidence. The prosecution ONLY sought the death penalty. Not life, not several years, but death was the only option. If the prosecution had put out another option, I believe things would be very different.

Lastly, I'm so sick and tired of seeing and hearing people saying "Casey is going to become famous, get a book deal, a reality show, and make millions." It's simple. If no one buys her book or watches her reality show, she won't be famous. Publishers want people who can bring them money, if Casey doesn't do it, she'll be dropped. Television shows seek ratings, and if the ratings are low, she'll be dropped from television as well. Although, I know we live in a society where media rules, and still people are going to flock to the shelves to buy her book and miss a day of work just to see the premiere of her reality show. Tsk, tsk. Casey Anthony will only become what we let her become. So stop whining about it and just ignore her until she fades away like most infamous people do. The judge, however, should've ruled to make any revenue she may receive from the notoriety of the case, property of the court so she won't make any financial gain from the case. But I am only a citizen, not a judge.

All in all, I do still stand by my idea that Casey Anthony had something to do with her daughter's death. I think the prosecution should've sought a lesser charge instead of going straight for the death penalty. Now that the trial is over the only thing I'd like to hear about Casey Anthony is maybe a retrial in the future. I don't know 100% if she had anything to do with Caylee's death, none of us do, only God knows.


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