July 5, 2011

How To Do a Simple Nail Design [Two]

These nails are really easy and cute. A quick, less than an hour design if you want something cute for the day or week! They are candy cane nails! The thought of candy canes always makes me think of that refreshing, tingly feeling you get when you bite into a candy cane. YUMMY! :)

Products needed:
[You can use whatever you have if you don't have exactly what I used!]

Base Coat (I used LA Colors Strengthener/Hardener)
Red polish (I used Sinful Colors - GoGo Girl #852)
Glitter polish (OPTIONAL. I used KleanColor - Silver Glitter #27)
White polish with an ULTRA thin brush (I used Kiss Nail Art Paint BUT LA Colors has a line of thin-brush polishes. It's the Art Deco line. LA colors is a lot cheaper and can be found at local dollar stores.)
Top Coat (I used LA Colors - Top Coat)

*You don't have to go out and buy these all at once. It can be pretty expensive. All of these polishes alone will cost around $20 if you do want exactly what I used. Also, I didn't go out and buy these, they were already in my stockpile.


Estimated time (including drying): < 60 minutes

1. Apply BASE Coat.
[Allow to dry 2-3 minutes]

2. Paint nails RED. Allow to dry a tad. After one minute apply another coat.
[Let dry for 5 minutes]

3. Apply a coat of glitter polish. (OPTIONAL)
[Let dry for 7-10 minutes]

4. With the WHITE striper polish, paint two thick lines across your nail diagonally, Like a candy cane. Next, make a super thin line below each of the two thick lines. Add thin or thick stripes as you see fit, but generally each nail should have about 4 lines total. See picture above.[Let dry for 15 minutes]

5. Apply top coast to protect and prolong the longevity of the design.
[Allow to dry until they are completely dried about 15 minutes]

Now you're done! If you'd like to see a video on exactly how to do the design, leave me a comment or shoot me an email. I have a video but wasn't sure if you'd all like it or not. If you have a request, let me know as well.

Good luck! :)


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