July 11, 2011

Songs That Describe Me - Two

I am so late. I just discovered perhaps one song that describes what I need in a relationship perfectly, yet it was released nearly two years ago. It's called "Crawl" by Chris Brown [video below].

I heard it a couple days ago and I've been in love with it since, because it describes me and how I want, no NEED, my future relationship(s) to be. I don't want to rush love, I don't want to jump in a relationship just to say I did, I want to crawl with someone, I need to crawl otherwise it won't work for me or us. In the song Chris talks about how he moved too slow and inadvertently pushed away his true love. He says that everyone saw that she was the one except him and he was just so busy wanting to be in a relationship but not really knowing exactly what he had. He had a diamond, but he treated her more like a rhinestone. He did love her, but not as much as he should have.

Apparently, the relationship ended and now they're both scared to get back together again. She's scared that he isn't going to take their relationship as serious as he should, and he's scared because he has to learn how to love her the way she needs to be love, amongst other fears and doubts. He has to learn how to be in love, how to give up the single life and be in a good, solid, loving relationship. He has to take the 'baby steps' with her until they're both ready to progress and walk. Then run. Then jump. Then fly. Each time they jump over another hurdle, hopefully the stronger their love for each other will grow mutually.

I think that's the problem with relationships today, everyone is in a rush to be in love or in a relationship yet, hardly anyone knows what they want/need in a relationship. Some people want to be in a relationship but still live a single person's life. Some people want to get married, have kids, a dog, and a white picket fence after a week or two of dating. We're all guilty of being too rushy, or too careless when it comes to relationships at one time or another. You have to step back and reanalyze the whole relationship and find where things went awry. Sometimes there are things in relationships we want but don't need or need and don't have and it's crucial to have a balance in what you need and what you want (with more weight on the 'need' side).

I love this song so much and I really hope whenever I decide to get into a relationship, he'll crawl with me, and we'll crawl together until either our legs break (personification of our relationship falling apart/us breaking up)or until we're flying.



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