July 31, 2011

THAT Video...From 5th Grade

Do you remember that video? The video that we needed a signed permission slip to watch? It was supposed to teach us about health said the permission slip. It must've been written in code, because my mama knew exactly what kind of "health" video they were talking about.

The morning before the scheduled showing of the video, she told me to watch the video carefully and if I had concerns, talk to her about it. I thought it was no big deal, it's just PE on TV. My friends and I initially thought the video was about eating healthy and exercising but to our dismay it was much deeper than that.

A couple hours before recess, the girls were separated from the boys, and we all huddled up in the library, gathered around the TV, waiting for the movie to start. It was about our bodies, periods, pads, panty liners, tampons, and reproduction (where babies come from) and all the icky stuff. I was fascinated by it but a lot of girls were grossed out. Some fell asleep. After the movie, we were all released back to our classes. The boys followed right behind us, their movie was probably from the same production company, only with boy issues rather than girl issues.

It was as if we were sworn to secrecy because NO ONE talked about it. Everyone just kind of moved on with life. Personally, I was excited and wanted to talk about it and discuss it like a book club or something. I was excited! I learned so much, and I was ready to experience the fun moment of getting my period!

As informative as it was, it was a HUGE lie (minus the parts about where babies come from, of course). I watched the video two years in a row (4th and 5th grade). The videos were similar but not identical and told the same lies and I attended to two separate schools my 4th and 5th grade years. Yes it does hurt, yes you do feel it, no it's not fun and interesting. Looking back on it, I think I would've been so much better off by not watching the video. It was such a lie, and once "that time of the month" came along, I was more depressed and scared than excited and happy. I hope they don't show this same video nowadays, hopefully they present a more realistic video with real girls and not actresses or cartoons and none of that snazzy yet corny music. It could be a reason why so many girls are having kids at younger ages, those movies don't captivate most kids, and they nor their parents take it seriously. It's a catastrophe waiting to happen.


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