August 28, 2011

Tip on Growing Your Nails

Is anyone trying to grow their nails? I really don't think there's a true 'hidden trick'. There are hundreds of YouTube videos and blog articles on growing your nails but in my opinion they're all made up.

The picture above was taken in July and my nails are longer and stronger now than back then and all I've been doing is putting on a base coat polishing them. Lots of people on the web say use Biotin, Vitamin A, or Pre-Natal pills and change your diet but that's a tad extreme. I feel sorry for the people actually take random pills that strangers tell them to take, not knowing how it'll affect them, just to get long nails.

Patience is a virtue, good things come to those who wait. I used to bite my nails down to the skin, since I was in Kindergarten and I just stopped biting them for good around March of this year (2011). I used to watch those Youtube videos and I thought I had to change my diet and go out and buy all those pills. I hate taking pills, I'd rather take the pain of a headache rather than take a Tylenol to make it go away, so the vitamin idea went out the window. I just decided to keep them polished and since March I have never went a day without keeping something on my nails even if it's just a basecoat and clear polish.

So, here's my tip to growing longer nails: 1.) Use a good base coat and polish your nails every 5-7 days. That's it! If you truly have problems with growing your nails, consult with a professional FIRST before buying pills of any sort. It doesn't have to be a doctor, some nail technicians have helped their clients grow long, natural nails.


  1. I agree with what you're saying. I also bit my nails. I just stopped doing that last year because I realized how pretty nails were if they are longer. My mom has it. I envy her nails. Just like you, she also told me to put nail polish on si that it'll grow..

  2. Yeah it really works! I hate the fact that so many youtubers advise their followers to take vitamin pills and stuff. It's not necessary and can be dangerous.