November 8, 2011

All White Males Will Be Extinct Come 2015

Call it a prediction, hypothesis, or prophecy but I see it coming. Of course by extinct I don't mean to vanish off of the face of the earth *sigh of relief*, but I mean that every white male will be 'claimed' or 'taken' by 2015. Why? White guys are a hot commodity these days. Just look at the statistics: Asian women prefer white males over other Asian males. White females prefer white males over other ethnicities. Black women are dating and marrying white men now more than EVER and with more black males being imprisoned now more than ever, who blames them? I see a trend here people. I'm not saying white males are superior to other races, but I'm saying that the research is suggesting that: 1. White guys are flying off your local shelves 2. White people need to get to work and pop out more babies to prevent this national crisis.

They're climbing in your windows and snatching yo' people up trynna take 'em so ya'll need to hide your white men...


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