November 25, 2011

Fat Girl Perk 5429

There are many, many perks as it relates to being a big girl...One of them happens to be a woman's dream. No woman wants people to notice they've gained weight (unless they're an athlete building weight/muscle or a professional 'gainer'), no matter how obvious it may be.

How many sitcom episodes have you seen where a female attends one of those class reunion things? She either doesn't want to go because she's gained weight or wants to go to see who got fat. Well my friends, us lifelong fat girls don't have to worry about that. When I was in high school I was always big, so 20 years later if I've gained a couple measly pounds no one would notice. On the other hand, if the 110 pound star cheerleader gained 10 pounds over the years everyone would notice.

Even on Facebook it's noticeable. I was talking to a friend from high school who was randomly browsing former classmates' pages. Every other profile after another I'd hear her blurt out "Ooooh, this girl has gained some weight!". It's 100 times more noticeable when smaller girls gain weight. Thank gravity and angled Facebook profile pictures I guess.

Fat Girls - 1 Skinny Girls - 0. BAM!


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