November 27, 2011

Reliving My Childhood Through Music

OMG! Last night I spent over 4 hours looking up old 90's and early 00's songs! It brought me back to a simple time when things were so peachy and everything was joyous. It brought tears to my eyes, I miss that time SO much.

Not only do I miss my childhood, I miss the 90's culture in general. The music was GOOD and fun, nowadays music is nonsense and except for a few good new artists, it sucks. As a kid I wasn't allowed to listen to rap and I'm actually so thankful for that restriction. I got a chance to listen to so many other genres, it helped me to become a well rounded person and I developed my love for pop music, which might not have happened if I only listened to rap/hip-hop and R & B.

Put me in a time time capsule and transport me back to 1998, I want to relive those carefree, savored moments! Here are some videos/songs that I still love to this day. They also bring back fond memories of slap bracelets, my first real crush, boy bands, cargo pants, Lisa Frank school supplies, wind suits, careless summers, neon colors, and Zoog Disney.

WARNING: 90's/early 00's nostalgia ahead :) I love them all equally!


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