November 13, 2011

Someone Like You - Story VLog

1. I'm actually quite ill in this video. Sorry if I seem distant.
2. Sorry for all the "um-ing" and for looking down so much. lol. I was reflecting...
3. Sorry if the accent was annoying. I loved doing it lol.


I forgot to give you guys a little background info. I had a huge, gigantic crush on this person and along with the help of a friend, I built up the courage to speak with him and it just took off from there and flowed like poetry. I tried playing difficult but he opened me up pretty easy <3. The feelings were mutual, even after I messed up, he tried to rekindle what was left of the flame, but me being such an IDIOT, I continued to blow him over. Back then when he was like he was, I was the only person going gaga over him. Now, he's changed and he's a hot topic. YOU BELONG WITH ME *Taylor Swift voice*. Bleehhhhh. I just want him happy, really. Even though I show some hope at the end of the video, I know the 'new' him would never go for someone like me, so...

Moving on...


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