December 18, 2011

Opinion of the Movie Norbit

As I was looking through an old (and dusty) collection of CD's I found a CD that purchased back when I was a freshman in high school. As I skimmed through the tracks, one familiar song came blaring through the speakers: "Don't Cha" by The Pussycat Dolls. Back in 2005, I loved the song but nowadays it's loosely associated with a movie that I quite frankly can't stand.

[spoiler alert]
Norbit, a movie released in 2007, was written by and stars Eddie Murphy. It highlights the miserable life of a shy, innocent guy engaged to a large, loud, egotistical, obnoxious, and outspoken female named Rasputia (Murphy in a fat suit). As I mentioned, life with Rasputia is just horrible, she's overbearing, mean, disrespectful, selfish, and not to mention a very big girl which supposedly makes things worse. As Norbit has just about reached his peak with Rasputia, he has a chance encounter with his old high school crush, Kate (Thandie Newton). She's a kind, caring, loving, beautiful, and thin female.

The point of the whole movie was to make the audience laugh, after all it is an Eddie Murphy movie. However, I can't help but to wonder why wasn't the theme reversed? Overweight people already get enough fat jokes created about them, why couldn't this movie be more positive? Rasputia could have been the kind, caring, loving, beautiful female while Kate was the total opposite. In fact, most fat people aren't Rasputia like due to confidence issues, so it wasn't even true to life. Eddie Murphy's perception or vision of fat people is unnerving, annoying, and damning (The Klumps, anyone?). The movie could be equally funny even with the roles reversed.

I think Murphy was trying to say that personality matters most when it comes to relationships, but he totally over shot his target IF that's what he wanted the audience to get from the movie. If personality is what he was trying to highlight, then the roles of Kate and Rasputia should've been reversed. Instead, he's making it seem as if personality and beauty are one in the same. The thinner and prettier the person is, the nicer they'll be and that's definitely not true.

Fat men are portrayed more positive than fat women, which I find odd. Even if you compare Murphy's The Nutty Professor with Norbit, it's very evident. Sherman was a nice gentleman even though he was a big guy.

I'd just love to see more movies where the 'big girl' is the protagonist, the heroine, the beauty, the crush, the object of desire. Not butt of the jokes, mean or loud, but graceful and beautiful. ~