January 2, 2012

Fail: Saw an Old Flame

Saw an old flame tonight at my job. I was sitting at the desk, and I saw a male figure out of the corner of my eye while talking with someone. Something told me to look over at him and I did, and it was him. A guy I liked throughout middle school and high school ( I've blogged about him before, read this blog post from 2010 *click here* ), who never showed interest (we never even held a verbal conversation together), but I still had a big crush on him.

I hadn't saw him since 11th grade but he still looks exactly the same. When I saw him my mind went GAGALOCO...Not like "OMG IT'S HIM!!! THE LOVE OF MY LIFE" but I was debating whether or not I should wave or speak. I thought if I waved he would've just blew me off, like why is she speaking to me. Then I thought if I didn't speak it would be awkward and really rude especially since I looked directly at him. But, to my surprise, he waved at me first. I waved back with a smile (I'm always smiling, so I wasn't smiling to be flirtacious) and looked behind me to make sure that he was waving to me. FAIL. I just knew the next time I saw him, I would avoid him and just blow him off, but noooooo I succumbed to his weak little wave. Pfft. But I felt good, I didn't get the feeling I used to get when I saw him, I felt comfortable, which is a GOOD thing, at least I know I'm over him (as I should be) so it wasn't a total fail :)


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